Brooke’s Summer Haircut

Brooke likes short hair. She likes it partly because it’s easier to do and partly because she likes anything that’s more boyish because she’s passionately a self proclaimed tomboy.

So despite how much I was loving her hair finally getting longer (after her short haircut last summer) I finally agree to cut it after her begging for weeks. I started cutting her hair and oh my gosh she was moving around like crazy. Like, huge, huge movements. She kept randomly running her hands through her hair or moving it, while I was cutting. She’d moved her head or randomly, suddenly look to the side. It was horrible trying to cut her hair.

I’ve gotten to a place with Brooke where I try to not initiate any arguments so after telling her a couple times to stop moving or hold still (nicely) I finally just gave up because I knew she’d get pissed if I kept saying it. I did my best to cut it fairly evenly but there was one head toss in particular that caused me to cut a chunk of her hair in the front.
Luckily she looks really good with a very choppy, funky haircut so it works!  photo 001bwresized_zps1ca2ff36.jpg

She wasn’t wearing a shirt because she hates when the falling hair lands her shirt. I need to get a hair cutting tarp thing since I do all of the kids’ haircuts!
After the cut I asked if I could take some pictures of her new haircut and she was super excited about it. I didn’t tell her any way to pose, she just started posing this and that way all on her own. She felt really pretty and cool with her new haircut!  photo 007eresized_zps0f17c9e8.jpg photo 013eresized_zpsbe168141.jpg photo 015eresized_zps92e5db81.jpg photo 019eresized_zps72af00e6.jpg photo 018eresized_zps849cdcd9.jpg photo 027eresized_zpsba85b484.jpg photo 031eresized_zps64c502a1.jpg

New Bike for Payson and New Scooter for Ember!

Payson’s 6th birthday is just around the corner. He’s been big enough for a bike this year and I’ve been excited to get him one. The other day we tried out bikes in Wal-Mart and this red one fit him just right. I admit I was glad to find this red one because it was the cheapest and Payson’s favorite color is red… basically I lucked out not having to either spend $30 more on the other bikes or convince him to get one he didn’t want to save that $30!

Ember has used Payson’s scooter dozens of times and is really good at it so I’ve been wanting to get her her own. I spotted a pink razor scooter with three wheels that looked just right.
Unfortunately when I put it together at home and she first tried it out I realized it was totally different than Payson’s and much more difficult to use. It doesn’t stay up really well on it’s own so she has to try really hard to stay balanced. Bummer. But she loves it so I am keeping it and over time I’m sure she’ll get better at it.  photo 244eresized_zpsb553a114.jpg photo 248eresized_zpsac8b742c.jpg

I took way too many pictures because she was so cute on her scooter and so willing to be photographed! I’ll have to print four photos on one 4×6 to save money and space in her scrapbook!  photo 262eresized_zpsd4f4ad99.jpg photo 266eresized_zpsb68b2603.jpg photo 268eresized_zps5094874d.jpg

But seriously how could I narrow it down? These are all so freaking cute!  photo 279eresized_zps30c198d3.jpg photo 281eresized_zpsbfcd6863.jpg photo 286eresized_zps25fdc059.jpg

I gave Payson some space while he rode around in the beginning (from my camera, not from me, haha) while he figured it out. He’d never ridden a bike before and there’s a big of a learning curve going from scooter to bike.
He did really well though. I mean, he had training wheels so it wasn’t like he had to learn to stay up but figuring out how to push the wheels and use the brakes…  photo 302eresized_zps115711f3.jpg photo 304eresized_zpsd5583612.jpg photo 306eresized_zpsbcf92be6.jpg

After not long he was cruising around the church parking lot. I would compliment him a lot and act super impressed whenever he’d ride by me and he couldn’t stop grinning 🙂  photo 318eresized_zps34fa0308.jpg photo 317eresized_zpsb3dd79b8.jpg photo 320eresized_zps4f1ce799.jpg photo 328eresized_zps18c4af6e.jpg photo 343eresized_zpsa774a1a0.jpg

I didn’t want to go out of the empty parking lot with two new riders but Brooke and Sierra were hounding me to go down the sidewalk so after a while I agreed and off we went down a little hill and onto a nice straight, flat sidewalk.
I stopped the kids part way and told them to let me take a few quick pictures. I took maybe ten and each one of them was so cute or so funny and it was super hard to narrow it down to the next two:  photo 363eresized_zps2a18367b.jpg photo 367eresized_zpsb05e3be2.jpg

Ember was such a trooper with her difficult to ride scooter. She was trying her very best and not complaining about how difficult it was or how many times her scooter fell over. I was really proud of her.
Unfortunately the other three kids were way far ahead of us and super annoyed when I would tell them to stop and wait. After a long time and a lot of frustration (by the older kids) I finally stuck Ember on the edge of Everett’s car seat in the stroller and put her scooter in the stroller and ran after the other kids. I was worried about Payson being so far ahead of me on the side of a fairly busy road riding a brand new bike that he wasn’t used to. That’s why I didn’t want the kids far ahead of me.
I took a picture to remember this.  photo 375eresized_zps9f383332.jpg photo 378eresized_zps5b800ee1.jpg

The kids spotted dandelions on the side of the sidewalk and stopped to make lots of wishes. These dandelions weren’t ready to let go of their seeds or something because you had to use a lot of force to blow those seeds.  photo 382eresized_zps1c99c1ea.jpg photo 383eresized_zpse0381121.jpg photo 385eresized_zpsf1ccb193.jpg photo 386eresized_zpscf9c015d.jpg photo 389eresized_zpsba12229d.jpg photo 406eresized_zpsf54ca6dd.jpg photo 407eresized_zpse032fbb8.jpg photo 414eresized_zps53f5c613.jpg

We Had Some Amazing Weather, Welcome Summer!

We’ve been antsy for summer ever since moving to Colorado. We’d just gone through one of the hottest summers in Arizona history and were barely into the nice season and then we up and moved to Colorado in the middle of winter. The day we got here, the evening we got here, there was a full on blizzard, too. Which I’ve blogged about before but just wanted to say how we so deserve good weather!!

And it’s slow coming this year. It’s May, the end of May, and we’re still getting snow and thunderstorms and all kinds of crazy weather!

But there have been a few days of absolute blissful weather, too.  photo 172eresized_zps4792d560.jpg

On a nice day we set up a picnic in the backyard and also had some fun with bubbles. It was so nice!  photo 178eresized_zps6eb12ac2.jpg photo 190eresized_zps6d9c85d3.jpg photo 206eresized_zps664a9e5a.jpg photo 208eresized_zpsd7174f8b.jpg photo 210eresized_zpsacaf9c4f.jpg photo 211eresized_zpsa16fa14d.jpg

Payson and Ember were so adorable trying to pop as many bubbles as they could.  photo 214eresized_zpse7b37711.jpg photo 216eeresized_zpsa13d24fe.jpg photo 218eresized_zps8f754311.jpg photo 232eresized_zps1d094c8b.jpg photo 235eresized_zpsfb867e36.jpg photo 242eresized_zpsfa47b06a.jpg

Space For a Walk

This is a nature area a few blocks from the kids’ school. There are nice hills and just… bushes and grass. It’s really pretty and a simple little walk/hike. Well, I really don’t think you can call it a hike it’s so easy and it’s just hills… but the kids call it a hike so…  photo 003eresized_zps1b793f57.jpg

Payson picked me these flowers. I am given lots of flowers by Payson these days 🙂  photo 005eresized_zps0b4061a6.jpg photo 007eresized_zps401521bd.jpg photo 010eresized_zps1ef759f9.jpg photo 011eresized_zps170fbf45.jpg photo 016eresized_zpsa07280e2.jpg

Allan spotted this lizard and pointed it out to me. Allan is so observant. It’s crazy.  photo 019eresized_zps74549544.jpg photo 021eresized_zps974dc15e.jpg

Everett fell asleep in the ergo so I held my hand out really far and took some selfies 😛  photo 026eresized_zps53e63ee6.jpg photo 029eresized_zpsf55abb0e.jpg

Allan would hold Ember every now and then when she’d get tired. They were so adorable together it was hard for me to not just sit there and take pictures of them nonstop!  photo 032eresized_zpsb24bab5a.jpg photo 034eresized_zps3769d2e3.jpg photo 036eresized_zps39b7857f.jpg photo 038eresized_zps4768bf9a.jpg photo 047eresized_zps8544bc93.jpg

As we walked along the path we spotted this gate. I couldn’t resist telling the kids to go over there for some pictures. It was too pretty to skip!  photo 057cloneeresized_zps6badc5a7.jpg photo 065eresized_zpscc2a1f41.jpg photo 067eresized_zps04b0b6c2.jpg

And then these closeups of Ember. I couldn’t stop clicking the shutter. My daughter is so gorgeous!  photo 092eresized_zps014f94ee.jpg photo 093bwresized_zps63e9dfa0.jpg photo 101eresized_zps32bb2db1.jpg photo 102eresized_zps740866cc.jpg photo 104eresized_zpscbf2eec8.jpg

I’m sure anyone in the world would see why I couldn’t stop taking pictures! She is seriously the prettiest girl I’ve ever seen! (And she really likes having her photo taken! Luckily for this blog my other daughters don’t love it as much because there’d be thousands of extra photos of them as well! And let’s not even start on my adorable sons! haha)  photo 105eresized_zps3fb03fbb.jpg

I even went ahead and annoyed Allan by asking him to hop in a picture. I wish I would’ve had a tripod (not really, I wouldn’t have liked carrying it around!) so we could’ve gotten a family picture!  photo 121eresized_zps97520da2.jpg photo 128eresized_zps7fa3effa.jpg

I think this is the first picture I have of me with my two sons!!  photo 139eresized_zps3e45b52d.jpg

Poor Ev got a little squished!  photo 141eresized_zps60dfb0e0.jpg

I took a couple of scenic shots. It was just beautiful there!  photo 153eresized_zps607f543e.jpg photo 161eresized_zps81a9262b.jpg

Everett was getting sick of being in the ergo so I held him in my arms and actually carried my camera in the ergo the rest of the time. haha!  photo 164eresized_zps34661097.jpg

Where Was This?

I don’t remember what this place is called. I’ll ask Allan and fix this post when he tells me.

We drove up to be out in nature, to look at the river and walk around in the mountains. But then the kids spotted a playground, a pretty cool playground, and the rest of the evening was spent there. We decided to go home once the mosquitoes came out. Man I hate mosquitoes!  photo 003eresized_zps271d3f0e.jpg photo 030eresized_zps07da06d0.jpg photo 031e2resized_zps80eb5382.jpg photo 058eresized_zps6e32ce09.jpg

Allan was helping the kids down the path.  photo 069eresized_zpse66e19c3.jpg

At the park there were four kids calling, “Push me, daddy! Higher!” over and over and over again. And Allan did, over and over and over again.
He decided to be the photographer for the swings pictures and my gosh did he nail it!  photo 085eresized_zpsbdbf1e41.jpg photo 086eresized_zpse28ba8ce.jpg photo 089eresized_zpsefbccd69.jpg photo 092eresized_zps7b81fbc4.jpg photo 094eresized_zps2b92d98c.jpg

I stared at the ground for a good minute or two watching for any signs of bugs. Mainly ants. There were none as far as I could see so I laid out Everett’s blanket and he kicked happily on the ground. He LOVES being outdoors!  photo 106eresized_zps7fae14d5.jpg

Then Allan took the camera again. It’s awesome that he’s so talented at photography!! It was seriously nice having all these moments captured and not having to be the one to capture them!  photo 113eresized_zps125c5082.jpg photo 115eresized_zpsc4a5b6fe.jpg photo 117e2resized_zpse1b6e16c.jpg

I love that he took a few zoomed out to show the whole scene 🙂  photo 118eresized_zps7a3055c6.jpg

And these to show that I was hanging out with Everett while everyone was swinging.  photo 121eresized_zps00eabbfe.jpg photo 122eresized_zps99ea0ee3.jpg photo 123eresized_zps629bebea.jpg

I took a couple of Allan pushing Payson and then Allan took the others.  photo 132eresized_zps35838468.jpg photo 135eresized_zpsc57284ce.jpg photo 136eresized_zps6b6a45b9.jpg photo 139eresized_zps81dc0560.jpg

I love that we traded the camera back and forth. haha
Allan took the majority of the pictures, though!
I snapped this of Everett breastfeeding. Everett probably won’t want to see it when he’s older but I like it!  photo 146eresized_zps6d220643.jpg

Allan took all the rest of these pictures!  photo 147eresized_zps26708abf.jpg photo 149eresized_zps36b9e936.jpg photo 150eresized_zpsc4363bc8.jpg photo 153eresized_zps693e9ea8.jpg

I like these he got of Sierra and Payson on the slide. Cool angle!  photo 154eresized_zps536e5cd6.jpg

Brooke spotted this tree and ran over to climb it. It wasn’t long before everyone followed her because it was a pretty cool tree!  photo 155eeresized_zpscdeefcf0.jpg

The kids were all begging Allan to take pictures of them! It was funny to see them almost fighting over who got to be photographed. My kids begging for photos and me getting to just sit back and watch someone else take them. And well? Niiiice.  photo 157eresized_zpsf1efe179.jpg photo 160eresized_zpse19e6a8d.jpg photo 161eresized_zps33917f85.jpg photo 162eresized_zpsfe4924f9.jpg photo 163eresized_zpsf8a45d3f.jpg photo 164eresized_zpsf9f5b43f.jpg photo 165eresized_zps1d7b7887.jpg

I thought it’d be fun to get a photo of Everett in the tree. On his blanket of course. He didn’t seem to care one way or the other about where he was.  photo 171eresized_zps389ae688.jpg photo 172eresized_zps9ccf7b77.jpg photo 173eresized_zpse974b568.jpg

We went back to the playground for a little while but the mosquitoes came out pretty darn shortly after we climbed the tree and we left. Fun times, though!

Payson’s Class Has a Q&U Wedding!

Payson’s teacher does a wedding between the letters Q and U every year. Seriously how freaking cute and clever and awesome is that?! See why I love her so much?!

She invites the parents (with a cute email invitation!) and has cake and everything!
I only took one picture (I meant to take more but didn’t want to interrupt the ceremony with my noisy camera!) but I did film the whole thing. Payson got to be the one to carry the U!

When we got to his class he ran over with a huge grin on his face. He really loves me (haha, duh) and gets really insecure when I leave him at school on any day so to see me at school was super exciting for him. He hugged me so tight and wanted to sit on my lap and kept a tight hold on me. I was immediately nervous realizing he was going to be sad and maybe cry (he’s a cryer!) when it was time to line up and be in the wedding!
And that’s what happened! When it was time for them to go in the hall and line up for the wedding procession he started crying! I told him, “Oh no, Payson, don’t cry or they’re not going to want me to come to school and I won’t be able to see your fun things anymore! I’m so excited to watch you in the wedding. I’ll wait here and watch you when you come in and you give me your best smiles, okay?”
That worked like a charm and he stopped crying and went and got in place.
The rest is on film so I won’t talk about it. He did seem a bit sad and fragile during the wedding and kept giving me these sad looks. It was cute, though! haha

Onto pictures.
The first is when we first got there. He was SO SO SO excited to have me and his little sister and brother there!  photo 203eresized_zps015c63c3.jpg

Just before it was his turn to walk down the aisle!  photo 204eresized_zps177fa59c.jpg

After the wedding he ran immediately back to us and hugged us and fawned over Everett. So sweet.  photo 208eresized_zpsa89ce356.jpg

We got some wedding cake after that. Well, Payson and Ember had some. And capri sun. Oh and Payson’s teacher makes sure that everything in the class is gluten free so Payson can have whatever the other kids are having!! Isn’t that amazing?! How freaking sweet. His kindergarten teacher in Arizona had me bring him something separate for each occasion and for daily snack AND I had to bring in snacks for the class sometimes, too!! SO stupid. I don’t mind bringing Payson his own snacks (I still do here in CO but they have each parent send only their child a snack) but for me to provide Payson with every single snack item for daily snack time AND holidays and birthdays AND then to bring in snacks for the entire class as well, when Payson NEVER got snacks the rest of the class got… was kinda crazy! haha

Everett in the Shopping Cart Seat for the First Time

I knew Everett was ready to sit in the shopping cart seat. With a boost from a Hungry Caterpillar neck pillow I got he had a fun time at Walgreen’s.
He adores sitting in there but it’s a pain for me to keep the cover clean! I don’t know how parents do it and have it work to protect from germs.
Yes, I’m a total germophobe but with how sick we get and how frequently, I can hardly be blamed!
The cart cover touches the unwashed cart and then when I put it in the car it touches itself and the germs can then get all over the cover.
I don’t care if I sound crazy… I just like Everett in his carseat because I know there are no germs in it. haha  photo 179eresized_zpsbd169808.jpg photo 190eresized_zps80aa82a5.jpg

Ember spotted lollipops and nicely asked for one. I can’t say no to Ember so she got one!  photo 199eresized_zps54c47be7.jpg

Kindergarten Take-Home Buddies from Payson’s Teacher

Payson’s kindergarten teacher is AMAZING. I could not have asked for a better teacher for Payson. I knew exactly the type of person Payson needed for a teacher she is everything I hoped for.
Coming from Arizona where his teacher was a horrid first teacher for Payson, a huge weight was off my shoulders knowing he was being nurtured and guided in school. I seriously just can’t say enough what a relief and blessing it’s been having her. I need to do something to really let her know how much she means to us. I’ve told her a few times but I hope she knows how serious I am about what a huge blessing she’s been in Payson’s life!
Anyway, I can’t seem to talk about anything kindergarten related without going off about his awesome teacher first ! haha
She sends home these cute little stuffed animals often. Different animals each with their own book filled with pages for the students to fill out. Sometimes it’s a page with research on animals and sometimes the student needs to just talk about something they like or what they did for a holiday… stuff like that. It’s different each week.

This week the stuffed animals were penguins and the assignment was to research any animal you wanted and talk about how they live in the winter.
Payson chose elephants, of course, and we found out that they don’t live in cold climates at all.  photo 172ecropresized_zpsb661cf09.jpg

I adore Payson’s writing, spelling, and drawings. I adore everything Payson does. haha  photo 176eresized_zps0122ab93.jpg