Rainy Day Love

It started to rain. And the Hausens love the rain. (duh)

We spent as much time outside in it as we could before it started raining harder and got pretty cold. Then we trekked inside and admired the beauty and the sounds of the rain from indoors 🙂  photo 105eresized_zpsaaa596ad.jpg photo 109eresized_zps09117698.jpg

Payson was inside playing Super Mario, of course.  photo 110eresized_zpsf1b8d3bd.jpg photo 112eresized_zps1809808e.jpg photo 116eresized_zps1e2c62e9.jpg

Sierra is in this best-smile-ever phase that I’m freaking loving! She used to smile super fake for the camera (most kids go through that phase, especially since she’s had a camera in her face every day of her life, basically) but when she lost her second top tooth it was like a switch was flipped and she gives me these huge, adorable smiles every single stinking time I take a photo! I can’t get enough of them. But then I also try not to over photograph her (and Brooke) because I don’t want to annoy them!  photo 118eresized_zps9634f8ac.jpg photo 121eresized_zps2d58c25a.jpg photo 123eresized_zps79ca6af6.jpg

Ember was adorable out there. As always!  photo 126eresized_zps807e4afe.jpg

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