Making Mother’s Day Gifts, and Failing

I decided it’d be awesome to make my and Allan’s moms stepping stones for Mother’s Day. I bought kits with four stepping stones in each and figured each kid (minus Everett since he’s just a baby) could make one for each grandma. They’d do a handprint and then add stones and gems and paint and it’d be so cool and fun and yadda yadda.

While the older three were at school I did two stepping stones with Ember. It was a huge mess and really involved but they turned out.

When the kids got home I decided to do one kid at a time. I mixed up the stuff for Brooke’s but neither turned out! They were just a wreck. I was so over the work it was taking at that point I abandoned the project completely. Nope, no stepping stones from the grandkids this year!  photo 170eresized_zpsbdabed5e.jpg photo 171eresized_zps349af1d4.jpg photo 172eresized_zps14a7968d.jpg photo 174eresized_zpsd7c84461.jpg

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