Ember and Everett, Sierra and Everett

These were taken later in the day after the photos in my last post. I decided to put them in their own post because… I wanted to. ha

Ember likes to sit in Everett’s bumbo when he’s not in it. She also likes to sit on it while he’s in it! She just basically likes to hover around her brother all day. I’m glad she loves him so much and I’m super glad that he doesn’t get annoyed by her!  photo 155eresized_zps3098e8a7.jpg photo 160eresized_zps1034e9f6.jpg

We’d just arrived home from picking up Brooke and Sierra from school. Sierra was chatting with Everett.  photo 171eresized_zps14c60ae7.jpg photo 174eresized_zpsb890e2e8.jpg

Ember was patting Everett’s head and singing a song. She patted too hard, though. Poor Ev.  photo 183eresized_zpsdc0a15a4.jpg

I picked him up out of the bumbo to comfort him and then let Sierra hold him. She loves holding Everett and he’s finally old enough to be easier to hold and to enjoy it more.  photo 190eresized_zps94a21f7f.jpg

It was so adorable how he turned to look back at who was holding him after I passed him to her. He doesn’t get much time with Sierra since Brooke and Ember are more dominant personalities and “hog” him more. lol. Sierra loves that Everett has started to like her more lately!  photo 194e2resized_zpsa4318d05.jpg

With Everett out of the way Ember took his bumbo spot šŸ˜›  photo 201eresized_zpsb252b475.jpg

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