We Had Some Amazing Weather, Welcome Summer!

We’ve been antsy for summer ever since moving to Colorado. We’d just gone through one of the hottest summers in Arizona history and were barely into the nice season and then we up and moved to Colorado in the middle of winter. The day we got here, the evening we got here, there was a full on blizzard, too. Which I’ve blogged about before but just wanted to say how we so deserve good weather!!

And it’s slow coming this year. It’s May, the end of May, and we’re still getting snow and thunderstorms and all kinds of crazy weather!

But there have been a few days of absolute blissful weather, too.  photo 172eresized_zps4792d560.jpg

On a nice day we set up a picnic in the backyard and also had some fun with bubbles. It was so nice!  photo 178eresized_zps6eb12ac2.jpg photo 190eresized_zps6d9c85d3.jpg photo 206eresized_zps664a9e5a.jpg photo 208eresized_zpsd7174f8b.jpg photo 210eresized_zpsacaf9c4f.jpg photo 211eresized_zpsa16fa14d.jpg

Payson and Ember were so adorable trying to pop as many bubbles as they could.  photo 214eresized_zpse7b37711.jpg photo 216eeresized_zpsa13d24fe.jpg photo 218eresized_zps8f754311.jpg photo 232eresized_zps1d094c8b.jpg photo 235eresized_zpsfb867e36.jpg photo 242eresized_zpsfa47b06a.jpg

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