New Bike for Payson and New Scooter for Ember!

Payson’s 6th birthday is just around the corner. He’s been big enough for a bike this year and I’ve been excited to get him one. The other day we tried out bikes in Wal-Mart and this red one fit him just right. I admit I was glad to find this red one because it was the cheapest and Payson’s favorite color is red… basically I lucked out not having to either spend $30 more on the other bikes or convince him to get one he didn’t want to save that $30!

Ember has used Payson’s scooter dozens of times and is really good at it so I’ve been wanting to get her her own. I spotted a pink razor scooter with three wheels that looked just right.
Unfortunately when I put it together at home and she first tried it out I realized it was totally different than Payson’s and much more difficult to use. It doesn’t stay up really well on it’s own so she has to try really hard to stay balanced. Bummer. But she loves it so I am keeping it and over time I’m sure she’ll get better at it.  photo 244eresized_zpsb553a114.jpg photo 248eresized_zpsac8b742c.jpg

I took way too many pictures because she was so cute on her scooter and so willing to be photographed! I’ll have to print four photos on one 4×6 to save money and space in her scrapbook!  photo 262eresized_zpsd4f4ad99.jpg photo 266eresized_zpsb68b2603.jpg photo 268eresized_zps5094874d.jpg

But seriously how could I narrow it down? These are all so freaking cute!  photo 279eresized_zps30c198d3.jpg photo 281eresized_zpsbfcd6863.jpg photo 286eresized_zps25fdc059.jpg

I gave Payson some space while he rode around in the beginning (from my camera, not from me, haha) while he figured it out. He’d never ridden a bike before and there’s a big of a learning curve going from scooter to bike.
He did really well though. I mean, he had training wheels so it wasn’t like he had to learn to stay up but figuring out how to push the wheels and use the brakes…  photo 302eresized_zps115711f3.jpg photo 304eresized_zpsd5583612.jpg photo 306eresized_zpsbcf92be6.jpg

After not long he was cruising around the church parking lot. I would compliment him a lot and act super impressed whenever he’d ride by me and he couldn’t stop grinning 🙂  photo 318eresized_zps34fa0308.jpg photo 317eresized_zpsb3dd79b8.jpg photo 320eresized_zps4f1ce799.jpg photo 328eresized_zps18c4af6e.jpg photo 343eresized_zpsa774a1a0.jpg

I didn’t want to go out of the empty parking lot with two new riders but Brooke and Sierra were hounding me to go down the sidewalk so after a while I agreed and off we went down a little hill and onto a nice straight, flat sidewalk.
I stopped the kids part way and told them to let me take a few quick pictures. I took maybe ten and each one of them was so cute or so funny and it was super hard to narrow it down to the next two:  photo 363eresized_zps2a18367b.jpg photo 367eresized_zpsb05e3be2.jpg

Ember was such a trooper with her difficult to ride scooter. She was trying her very best and not complaining about how difficult it was or how many times her scooter fell over. I was really proud of her.
Unfortunately the other three kids were way far ahead of us and super annoyed when I would tell them to stop and wait. After a long time and a lot of frustration (by the older kids) I finally stuck Ember on the edge of Everett’s car seat in the stroller and put her scooter in the stroller and ran after the other kids. I was worried about Payson being so far ahead of me on the side of a fairly busy road riding a brand new bike that he wasn’t used to. That’s why I didn’t want the kids far ahead of me.
I took a picture to remember this.  photo 375eresized_zps9f383332.jpg photo 378eresized_zps5b800ee1.jpg

The kids spotted dandelions on the side of the sidewalk and stopped to make lots of wishes. These dandelions weren’t ready to let go of their seeds or something because you had to use a lot of force to blow those seeds.  photo 382eresized_zps1c99c1ea.jpg photo 383eresized_zpse0381121.jpg photo 385eresized_zpsf1ccb193.jpg photo 386eresized_zpscf9c015d.jpg photo 389eresized_zpsba12229d.jpg photo 406eresized_zpsf54ca6dd.jpg photo 407eresized_zpse032fbb8.jpg photo 414eresized_zps53f5c613.jpg

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