Payson’s Class Has a Q&U Wedding!

Payson’s teacher does a wedding between the letters Q and U every year. Seriously how freaking cute and clever and awesome is that?! See why I love her so much?!

She invites the parents (with a cute email invitation!) and has cake and everything!
I only took one picture (I meant to take more but didn’t want to interrupt the ceremony with my noisy camera!) but I did film the whole thing. Payson got to be the one to carry the U!

When we got to his class he ran over with a huge grin on his face. He really loves me (haha, duh) and gets really insecure when I leave him at school on any day so to see me at school was super exciting for him. He hugged me so tight and wanted to sit on my lap and kept a tight hold on me. I was immediately nervous realizing he was going to be sad and maybe cry (he’s a cryer!) when it was time to line up and be in the wedding!
And that’s what happened! When it was time for them to go in the hall and line up for the wedding procession he started crying! I told him, “Oh no, Payson, don’t cry or they’re not going to want me to come to school and I won’t be able to see your fun things anymore! I’m so excited to watch you in the wedding. I’ll wait here and watch you when you come in and you give me your best smiles, okay?”
That worked like a charm and he stopped crying and went and got in place.
The rest is on film so I won’t talk about it. He did seem a bit sad and fragile during the wedding and kept giving me these sad looks. It was cute, though! haha

Onto pictures.
The first is when we first got there. He was SO SO SO excited to have me and his little sister and brother there!  photo 203eresized_zps015c63c3.jpg

Just before it was his turn to walk down the aisle!  photo 204eresized_zps177fa59c.jpg

After the wedding he ran immediately back to us and hugged us and fawned over Everett. So sweet.  photo 208eresized_zpsa89ce356.jpg

We got some wedding cake after that. Well, Payson and Ember had some. And capri sun. Oh and Payson’s teacher makes sure that everything in the class is gluten free so Payson can have whatever the other kids are having!! Isn’t that amazing?! How freaking sweet. His kindergarten teacher in Arizona had me bring him something separate for each occasion and for daily snack AND I had to bring in snacks for the class sometimes, too!! SO stupid. I don’t mind bringing Payson his own snacks (I still do here in CO but they have each parent send only their child a snack) but for me to provide Payson with every single snack item for daily snack time AND holidays and birthdays AND then to bring in snacks for the entire class as well, when Payson NEVER got snacks the rest of the class got… was kinda crazy! haha

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