Kindergarten Take-Home Buddies from Payson’s Teacher

Payson’s kindergarten teacher is AMAZING. I could not have asked for a better teacher for Payson. I knew exactly the type of person Payson needed for a teacher she is everything I hoped for.
Coming from Arizona where his teacher was a horrid first teacher for Payson, a huge weight was off my shoulders knowing he was being nurtured and guided in school. I seriously just can’t say enough what a relief and blessing it’s been having her. I need to do something to really let her know how much she means to us. I’ve told her a few times but I hope she knows how serious I am about what a huge blessing she’s been in Payson’s life!
Anyway, I can’t seem to talk about anything kindergarten related without going off about his awesome teacher first ! haha
She sends home these cute little stuffed animals often. Different animals each with their own book filled with pages for the students to fill out. Sometimes it’s a page with research on animals and sometimes the student needs to just talk about something they like or what they did for a holiday… stuff like that. It’s different each week.

This week the stuffed animals were penguins and the assignment was to research any animal you wanted and talk about how they live in the winter.
Payson chose elephants, of course, and we found out that they don’t live in cold climates at all.  photo 172ecropresized_zpsb661cf09.jpg

I adore Payson’s writing, spelling, and drawings. I adore everything Payson does. haha  photo 176eresized_zps0122ab93.jpg

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