Everett in the Shopping Cart Seat for the First Time

I knew Everett was ready to sit in the shopping cart seat. With a boost from a Hungry Caterpillar neck pillow I got he had a fun time at Walgreen’s.
He adores sitting in there but it’s a pain for me to keep the cover clean! I don’t know how parents do it and have it work to protect from germs.
Yes, I’m a total germophobe but with how sick we get and how frequently, I can hardly be blamed!
The cart cover touches the unwashed cart and then when I put it in the car it touches itself and the germs can then get all over the cover.
I don’t care if I sound crazy… I just like Everett in his carseat because I know there are no germs in it. haha  photo 179eresized_zpsbd169808.jpg photo 190eresized_zps80aa82a5.jpg

Ember spotted lollipops and nicely asked for one. I can’t say no to Ember so she got one!  photo 199eresized_zps54c47be7.jpg

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