The Three Little Kids

This group of my three youngest sure have a lot of fun together! Payson is home two or three days each school week (he goes Tues, Thurs, and every other Friday) and on the days he is home he plays with Ember and Everett and they all have the best time.  photo 175eresized_zps3dd15bdb.jpg
Ember is always, always all over Everett. She plays with him, gives him toys, takes his toys, kisses and hugs him, dances or jumps around him, lays with him, sits with him… she adores this baby brother of hers!  photo 184eresized_zps35ef2315.jpg photo 186eresized_zps88e33606.jpg photo 190eresized_zps4e565bbf.jpg photo 194eresized_zps18cba559.jpg

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