One day when we first moved into our rental house I was leaving the bathroom and closing the door behind me as I went. Except my finger got in the way. I shut the door on my poor finger and it hurt like a B. It started to bruise up. First red, then greenish, on to black. And black it stayed for about two months! One day I painted my nails. A pretty mint color. Then after a week when they’d been chipping off I decided to scratch the rest of the nail polish off while I sat in traffic.
I started scraping against the polish on my bruised pointer finger and to my surprise a huge chunk of my nail pulled easily off with the polish!!
It didn’t hurt when it came off but it shocked me! It just peeled right off! I was horrified and couldn’t even look at my finger for a while. It creeped me out!
Over the next couple of weeks it slowly peeled off more until it was a smooth nail surface. It’s been three or four weeks since this photo and this event and my nail looks fine and normal from the top but if you look at it from the side it has a dent in it where the bruise was and my nail peeled off. It’s at the very tip of my nail now, though. I imagine in two weeks, maybe three, my nail will have grown fully back in and be normal. After almost four months! haha  photo 305eresized_zps1aac8fc8.jpg photo 010eresized_zps9f18acad.jpg

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