Notarizing the Sale of our House in Arizona

It happened! We sold our house in Arizona! We make a little bit of money. I think near $40,000 after real estate agent fees? I’ll have to ask Allan the real amount.
We need to get our signatures notarized so we go to FedEx. They don’t have a notary. We go to Wells Fargo. The youngest three are with us.
Despite it being awkward (Allan and I both get embarrassed with photos in public) I take some pictures of the occasion. It is a big deal! We’ve tried to sell our house for over two years!  photo 292eresized_zps8c63509e.jpg photo 293eresized_zpsb6e91b67.jpg photo 295eresized_zpsccb4c9d3.jpg photo 299eresized_zps67426c65.jpg

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