Before Bed

Ember has yet to be put to bed in her own bed. For a month or two she was going to bed in her own bed. It was back when I was early pregnant with Everett. But it was a very long process and I got too tired spending that much of my evenings working on getting her to sleep so I gave it up. For years she would fall asleep next to Allan and me on the couch as we watched TV. Or she’d fall asleep playing the iPod. Or maybe breastfeeding. But almost never did she fall asleep before Allan and my bedtime.
This was just before the final time I decided to get her sleeping in her own bed, at a decent bedtime.
I came in my room and found the two of them like this. It was so cute I had to run for my camera.  photo 197eresized_zpsa9b0fd74.jpg

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