Scary Dream

I just had the scariest dream!!
It was near sunset and I was running errands with all five kids. I got out in a sorta bad part of town (just a downtown, not like the worst part of town there is) and I can’t remember the errand but as I was getting the kids in the car a woman with a couple kids of her own came up to me to help me. I can’t remember what she helped me with, or maybe she sold me something because I remember she gave me an old kid’s bike, so maybe she was selling stuff to get money.

Anyway, I gave her like $20 but it took a long time and by the time we were leaving that parking lot it was dark outside.

So I get the kids in the car and lock the door, because I felt suspicious and bad about the way the whole thing felt. And my car won’t start! WHAT? My car is in perfect condition, it’s not cold or hot outside, whyyyy won’t it start?!

Immediately panic sets in and I think… somehow that lady, or someone with her (who I never saw) did something to my car. Before I even had a chance to grab my cellphone a man appeared in front of my car to the left and just stood there doing this creepy face at me. He looked horrible, dirty- and evil. And I knew… he was with the lady and she was helping him strand women (or men) for some horrible reason. To rob? To kill? To abuse? I don’t know. But I knew… I was screwed. And all five of my kids were with me.

It was such a horrible feeling that I jolted awake right after that and despite having just woken up I sat up and got out of bed, shaking with fear. My whole body was tense and I felt the panic in full force, still, even though it was super bright outside, and clearly morning and clearly I was safe.

And because I didn’t want to wake up Allan (I’ll always let him sleep in if I can) I decided to just type it out to purge it from my brain, if possible!

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