Making Mother’s Day Gifts, and Failing

I decided it’d be awesome to make my and Allan’s moms stepping stones for Mother’s Day. I bought kits with four stepping stones in each and figured each kid (minus Everett since he’s just a baby) could make one for each grandma. They’d do a handprint and then add stones and gems and paint and it’d be so cool and fun and yadda yadda.

While the older three were at school I did two stepping stones with Ember. It was a huge mess and really involved but they turned out.

When the kids got home I decided to do one kid at a time. I mixed up the stuff for Brooke’s but neither turned out! They were just a wreck. I was so over the work it was taking at that point I abandoned the project completely. Nope, no stepping stones from the grandkids this year!  photo 170eresized_zpsbdabed5e.jpg photo 171eresized_zps349af1d4.jpg photo 172eresized_zps14a7968d.jpg photo 174eresized_zpsd7c84461.jpg

Kid Art for Their Walls

I came up with a simple, fun little art project for the kids. Payson preferred to play Mario so I just let him.

I had the girls trace their hands with colored markers and then paint them in. They turned out really cute. I bought frames for them to hang them in their rooms but the frames were the wrong size and too big so I need to add colored paper behind them before framing them. So basically I haven’t done that yet because I’m so busy and that’s a tedious, boring thing to do 😉  photo 153eresized_zpsfd8377a9.jpg photo 154eresized_zps551beebb.jpg photo 157eresized_zps581586d2.jpg photo 158eresized_zpsfd604a6d.jpg photo 164eresized_zps5198458a.jpg photo 167eresized_zpsc37263f1.jpg photo 168eresized_zpsab0f627e.jpg

Rainy Day Love

It started to rain. And the Hausens love the rain. (duh)

We spent as much time outside in it as we could before it started raining harder and got pretty cold. Then we trekked inside and admired the beauty and the sounds of the rain from indoors 🙂  photo 105eresized_zpsaaa596ad.jpg photo 109eresized_zps09117698.jpg

Payson was inside playing Super Mario, of course.  photo 110eresized_zpsf1b8d3bd.jpg photo 112eresized_zps1809808e.jpg photo 116eresized_zps1e2c62e9.jpg

Sierra is in this best-smile-ever phase that I’m freaking loving! She used to smile super fake for the camera (most kids go through that phase, especially since she’s had a camera in her face every day of her life, basically) but when she lost her second top tooth it was like a switch was flipped and she gives me these huge, adorable smiles every single stinking time I take a photo! I can’t get enough of them. But then I also try not to over photograph her (and Brooke) because I don’t want to annoy them!  photo 118eresized_zps9634f8ac.jpg photo 121eresized_zps2d58c25a.jpg photo 123eresized_zps79ca6af6.jpg

Ember was adorable out there. As always!  photo 126eresized_zps807e4afe.jpg

Best Friend Sisters!

I would call Brooke and Sierra best friends and I’d also call Sierra and Ember best friends.

Sierra and Ember share a room (since they’re so trustworthy together) and it’s beneficial for both of them. They get along so well, they don’t get crazy together (*ahem* Brooke and Sierra), and they have more time to bond together.

Ember adores her big sister and when I spot little moments like the following it warms my heart so very much. I can picture them grown and best friends, getting together with their kids… ugh, makes me want to cry 🙂  photo 081eresized_zpsb70f24eb.jpg photo 087eresized_zpse700ab7d.jpg photo 098eresized_zpsa5ac8fff.jpg

Ember and Everett, Sierra and Everett

These were taken later in the day after the photos in my last post. I decided to put them in their own post because… I wanted to. ha

Ember likes to sit in Everett’s bumbo when he’s not in it. She also likes to sit on it while he’s in it! She just basically likes to hover around her brother all day. I’m glad she loves him so much and I’m super glad that he doesn’t get annoyed by her!  photo 155eresized_zps3098e8a7.jpg photo 160eresized_zps1034e9f6.jpg

We’d just arrived home from picking up Brooke and Sierra from school. Sierra was chatting with Everett.  photo 171eresized_zps14c60ae7.jpg photo 174eresized_zpsb890e2e8.jpg

Ember was patting Everett’s head and singing a song. She patted too hard, though. Poor Ev.  photo 183eresized_zpsdc0a15a4.jpg

I picked him up out of the bumbo to comfort him and then let Sierra hold him. She loves holding Everett and he’s finally old enough to be easier to hold and to enjoy it more.  photo 190eresized_zps94a21f7f.jpg

It was so adorable how he turned to look back at who was holding him after I passed him to her. He doesn’t get much time with Sierra since Brooke and Ember are more dominant personalities and “hog” him more. lol. Sierra loves that Everett has started to like her more lately!  photo 194e2resized_zpsa4318d05.jpg

With Everett out of the way Ember took his bumbo spot 😛  photo 201eresized_zpsb252b475.jpg

Colorful Rainbow Shoes and an Outfit to Match!

 photo 012eresized_zpsd7fcf173.jpg

My kids all needed sandals or flip flops for the upcoming summer. I’ve been trying to buy strictly from Wal-Mart lately to save money and when I spotted these rainbow shoes there I was super excited because they’re freaking adorable and fun rainbow!

I put on one of Ember’s brightest, most colorful outfits and before picking up the other kids from school one day spent one minute taking pictures of her new shoes. She LOVES her new rainbow shoes so she was really feeling our quick photo shoot!  photo 013eresized_zpsc8b57ef6.jpg photo 019eresized_zps3efe887a.jpg photo 030eresized_zps581c1fa7.jpg photo 040eresized_zps579e820e.jpg photo 046eresized_zps0c164044.jpg

This is my favorite skirt she owns. It is SO fun and so frilly and colorful… something simple like a super colorful, fluffy skirt can brighten up a day for some reason 🙂  photo 054eresized_zps1849c102.jpg photo 056eresized_zpsf498fff8.jpg photo 060eresized_zps92a9c235.jpg

I added text to this one to make it horizontal for printing for her scrapbook.  photo 079etextresized_zpsd7d1610c.jpg

Playing Super Mario and Hanging Out with the Little Three

It’s funny how you add kids to your life and what you call groups of your children changes.
Brooklyn- the baby.
Brooklyn and Sierra- the girls.
Brooklyn and Sierra and Payson- the kids (but still the girls to refer to just Brooke and Sierra)
Brooklyn and Sierra once Payson and Ember were a part of our life: the older girls
Payson and Ember: the younger two or the little ones
Payson and Ember once Everett came along: Payson and Ember
Ember and Everett: the little two
Payson, Ember, and Everett: the little three
Brooke, Sierra, and Payson: the older three

lol, so crazy.

So Payson loves when I play Mario with him. Ember and Everett don’t like to leave me alone or my lap empty, so they are typically on me.  photo 070eresized_zps3611ae90.jpg photo 071eresized_zpse75ff985.jpg photo 074eresized_zps5bd29434.jpg photo 075eresized_zps77a8f1b3.jpg photo 077eresized_zpsb7da24c0.jpg

Whenever I lay Everett on his playmat to play with his hanging toys Ember can’t stay away.  photo 087eresized_zps51ba2c81.jpg

Trying to grab my camera.  photo 090eresized_zps5bae33c2.jpg photo 094eresized_zps4d9d929c.jpg

He likes to play with this bead/ball toy. I’m sure these have a real name but I don’t know it. ha  photo 099eresized_zpse6fb6c11.jpg

I was happy to see that he did enjoy playing with it with his feet, kicking it and grabbing it with his toes. For most of July he’ll have casts on his arms so I wonder how he’ll play or if he’ll be sad about that.  photo 100eresized_zps172e5f39.jpg photo 108eresized_zps9fac6206.jpg photo 117eresized_zpsab6ba17b.jpg photo 121eresized_zps1964f2d3.jpg photo 129eresized_zps491ae971.jpg photo 144eresized_zps7551f7b9.jpg photo 148eresized_zpsc6bd9b4c.jpg

A Walk to McDonald’s

There is a McDonald’s 1 mile from our house. With the weather warming up I decided we should take at least one walk a day. Especially if I was going to go get a coke anyway, it’s wise to walk there and burn off some of the extra calories!

For all but three months of Payson’s life before this year we lived far from town. We’d never walked anywhere where there were crosswalks! He’d never been on one! I told him how they worked and let him push the buttons and it was just one of the highlights of our fun little walk!  photo 038eresized_zps95e2ec5f.jpg photo 044eresized_zps7e8926be.jpg photo 047eresized_zpsc923e093.jpg photo 050eresized_zps2d9ff285.jpg

Payson stopped to play with a little bug crawling on the sidewalk. He was using his new spider toy (Spiderman themed happy meal toys that week) as the real bug’s mom. It was cute.  photo 057eresized_zpscab54f6c.jpg

I propped my camera up on an electric/utility box to take this picture.  photo 061eresized_zpsda6c09bd.jpg

Everett fell asleep despite it being pretty windy and a little bit chilly.  photo 063eresized_zpsbd35d808.jpg photo 064eresized_zps9c55bcba.jpg