A Big Post of What We Did This Week

Payson after he’d finished his Bunny and Chicky homework. His teacher sends home stuffed animals and booklets often. I really love his teacher! She is the BEST and the BEST for Payson. So Payson had to fill out a sheet inside and then return the stuffed animals and booklet the next week.  photo 580eresized_zpsac7a1eaa.jpg

Last Saturday (or two Saturdays ago) we went to our neighbor, Yvonne’s, house for her daughter’s birthday party. She invited us last minute and despite being CRAZY busy that day and REALLY not wanting to sacrifice our personal time to go we went because you can’t say no to an invitation like that when you just met your neighbor!

There was a bounce house there and near the end of the party Ember got a bloody nose. I don’t know if she got hit in the nose or if the jumping made her nose bleed… she was just fine and it ended pretty quickly but it did give me a great excuse to leave after being at the party an hour or so.  photo 036eresized_zpsb6cc650b.jpg photo 038eresized_zps8ab0d5cb.jpg

She was really fascinated by the whole experience. haha  photo 043eresized_zps7fc9c68b.jpg

Even though I feel like I try and have always tried to get in pictures with my kids I look back and wish I had hundreds more of photos. (That sentence sounds weird. Oh well)
With Everett I’ve made sure to snap photos of us whenever it crosses my mind. Even if I look messy or whatever… just take a quick picture! I’ll never ever regret having these!!  photo 035eresized_zpsfe2c7efd.jpg

The kids were watching TV and Ember was near me and kept giving me cute faces.  photo 058eresized_zps420c482c.jpg photo 068eresized_zps8458bc44.jpg photo 105eresized_zpse25e43c0.jpg

Me and my boy! I adore Everett. Obviously, he’s my son… but really, I just LOVE him so much I can’t imagine my heart being able to hold more love.  photo 114eresized_zpsf0f3a67b.jpg

Because he’s a boy, I figure Everett won’t want a bunch of pictures of me breastfeeding him. I know I would love pictures of my mom breastfeeding me as a baby but my brothers would probably find them horrifying. haha! So I don’t take very many! BUT, I want to see and remember these times so I’m going to try to take more. I might even ask Allan to take some for me, too.  photo 120eresized_zps91946c36.jpg

I don’t know why but I hate taking pictures during holidays! I overshoot the rest of the time but holidays… just photographically doesn’t interest me!
I try to take enough to document it for the kids, though!  photo 135eresized_zpsc3041881.jpg

Easter morning, like all holiday mornings, Allan was still asleep and I was bouncing around like a kid myself waiting for him to wake up. I’m a good mom as far as that goes because I could get up at 5am no matter how tired I am and do the holiday thing. I still get excited for my kids about it all 🙂  photo 146eresized_zpsd0fe8035.jpg

I did take about 200 pictures of Everett on Easter! Not only was he just turning 5 months old but it was his first Easter and the first time I put him in churchy clothes on a Sunday! I couldn’t take my camera off him!!  photo 155eresized_zps9da8311b.jpg

The football Easter egg, the bunny outfit, his bright blue eyes… TOO TOO CUTE!! I mean, really!! He’s the cutest in the world!  photo 160eresized_zpsd95fbe60.jpg

I always edit vertical images this way to make it easy come printing time to print as horizontal for Project Life. (I can’t mention Project Life without expressing my undying love for it. Best.Scrapbook System.Ever!)  photo 174eresized_zps8480cd0e.jpg

I took a picture of each of the other four kids but only Brooke’s and Ember’s are cute. (Meaning their smiles were natural, not that Sierra and Payson are not cute! haha)  photo 184eresized_zps4ceda9ff.jpg photo 195eresized_zpse9cbd5ab.jpg

I bought each kid a different color scheme of eggs to make the Easter egg hunt easy! It was awesome! I’m so smart. haha  photo 199eresized_zps1ac9e886.jpg

In some eggs was candy. In some, Easter stickers. Payson put one of his chick stickers on his church shirt and happily wore it all day. CUTE!  photo 212eresized_zpsd39111a1.jpg

What is this? More Everett pictures? Yep!  photo 218eresized_zps4e393626.jpg

Bunny ears from the Target $1 spot 🙂  photo 242eresized_zpse71215d8.jpg photo 254e2resized_zps82eaee5c.jpg

This photo is already captioned! 😉  photo 260e2resized_zps47483ddf.jpg

Ready for church but not feeling a quick photo session. ha  photo 281eresized_zps82d0ef81.jpg

Payson was super cute and happy at church. Allan doesn’t like me taking photos in church. Part of me understands and agrees it’s awkward, but the bigger part of me (the relentless photographer) can’t listen to that smaller part and has to take photos anyway. Sometimes. And as secretively as possible to embarrass Allan less 😉  photo 288bwresized_zpse0c3b6da.jpg photo 290bwresized_zpsbaddb41e.jpg photo 293bwresized_zps1ce986ab.jpg photo 298bwresized_zps0ebca878.jpg

We dyed Easter eggs when we got home.  photo 302eresized_zps528d331e.jpg photo 314eresized_zps0a4b0306.jpg

Our current dining room has bad lighting so I didn’t take many pictures. We ate dinner with the colorful, drying eggs in the middle of the table. And then I totally forgot to put them in the fridge. Sometime after 9pm I remembered. And at that point they went in the trash. SO sad 🙁  photo 320e2resized_zps98217781.jpg

I LOVE long blog posts!! Here are the last set of photos before I end this one, though! These were all taken on the 23rd. Or on the 22nd but not uploaded until the 23rd.
Everett now really needs to be buckled in his bouncy chairs. He wiggles himself off them if not! (I was right next to him doing my makeup so this wasn’t dangerous at all, I saw him wiggling down when he was higher up and stood over him talking to him and he giggled and smiled and wiggled his way further down while I watched!)  photo 012eresized_zps27dc4bbd.jpg

Everett loves to hold and play with any jewelry I wear. If I’m not wearing jewelry he goes for my hair! OUCH. I just bought a new nursing necklace from Amazon and can’t wait until it gets here!  photo 036eresized_zps36d92e75.jpg

Brooklyn had a school performance a week after Sierra’s.  photo 047eresized_zps2407bd59.jpg photo 060eresized_zpse8769fa0.jpg

They’d painted huge flags which were perfect for a photo op 🙂  photo 064eresized_zpsbf95a0af.jpg photo 067eresized_zpsac577650.jpg photo 069eresized_zpscccda794.jpg

I wanted to snap a couple pictures of her outside in the good light. I can’t remember if it was her or Allan who suggested up on the rocks. I think Allan said on the rocks and then she wanted to by the fence…  photo 073eresized_zps907c3af0.jpg

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