Simple But Fun Times with My Kids

I failed at blogging every day of the rest of April, didn’t I? I’ve just been busy. And mostly, I can’t blog well when I have kids around me every single second of every day.

Trying to write anything is impossible with all that noise.
Right now Ember is watching Dora and Everett is taking a nap so I’m using my free time to blog instead of wash dishes! I will regret it later when I have to find other free time (free time meaning when I’m not holding Everett) to wash those dishes!

We visit the park sometimes. I don’t usually take pictures because the local park overwhelms me. It’s always super busy and it’s enough work just keeping an eye on the five kids, taking pictures is too much to add to that!
(Ember had just woken up, she wasn’t grumpy!)  photo 177e2resized_zps3eca6717.jpg

Having a second dinner with daddy before bed.  photo 245eresized_zps03b6f307.jpg photo 232bwresized_zps7c150c94.jpg

I went to the store to buy some supplies to make keepsakes of Everett’s hands! I’ll blog about that separately.  photo 249eresized_zpsbf1d3354.jpg photo 258eresized_zps18f48d9f.jpg photo 268eresized_zpsc2fc1236.jpg

Then we stopped at Sprouts for some groceries.  photo 283eresized_zpsdd1f1683.jpg

She took a ten minute car nap.  photo 317eresized_zps607fa506.jpg

Everett got really cranky recently. He’s fine if I’m holding him but is not content in his bouncy chair or bumbo or laying on the ground or anywhere else.
(This is the first time I wore him on my back! And see him pulling my hair? Yeah, lots of that these days!)  photo 327eresized_zpsbaf5d0e5.jpg

The kids “helped” me make dessert one night. We had to make two versions (one gluten free) so it seemed like it took forever. It was fun, though. If you take away the whining and fighting. And extra mess.  photo 333e2resized_zps3f65c652.jpg

I let the kids color some blank puzzles I got for $1 at Michael’s while I cooked dinner.  photo 343eresized_zpsc6c22ca9.jpg photo 344eresized_zpsc71d5d49.jpg

The next day I met up with Allan at the DMV. Or wherever that was… to register our cars. I think? I don’t remember the details, I just remember I was really late because Allan forgot to call me and tell me what time to meet him. Instead he called me as he was driving there and said to meet him. Getting three kids ready and out the door in less than 15 minutes is absolutely 100% impossible for me. So I was 15 minutes late. And then I didn’t even need to be there at all! haha  photo 003eresized_zpse2930e6d.jpg photo 012eresized_zps32798fd5.jpg photo 014eresized_zpsae5fc823.jpg

My three kids got loud so I walked the halls with them while Allan finished up. photo 017eresized_zpsd06c6bd7.jpg photo 029eresized_zpsa7cf0e27.jpg photo 038eresized_zps18d2dfe4.jpg

I set Payson and Ember up with color wonder finger paints while I cooked.  photo 131eresized_zpseeeb4ff4.jpg photo 139eresized_zps416860b1.jpg

Everett’s favorite time of day to scream his head off is while I cook dinner. From 4pm until bedtime he’d like to be held nonstop. It’s frustrating. I wish Allan didn’t go home so late and could help me by holding him while I cook. But that would be too easy, huh? So instead I have to make dinner with a baby on my hip. Sometimes I try to put him in one of the five carriers I have. But he doesn’t like being worn so he just cries in the carrier, too. I try to get the kids to entertain him or hold him but at that time of day there’s only one person he wants. Me.  photo 194eresized_zps3cdc9b50.jpg

There was a four pack of small canvases on clearance at the craft store. I bought them for Sierra to paint some pictures for her wall. I forgot to take a picture of them on her wall, though. I’ll have to do that sometime, they’re cute.  photo 219eresized_zps69c786e6.jpg

Trying out the bumbo on the counter. Maybe if he’s in the bumbo but right up next to me he’ll be happy? (It lasted five minutes)  photo 227eresized_zps0766bc4b.jpg

Allan needed the sequoia one day so I was stuck having to use the corolla for an errand. The three littlest kids were squished back there together. They loved that, though! Especially Everett! He was loving being close to Payson!  photo 264eresized_zpsa4d28c88.jpg photo 275eresized_zpscad06a46.jpg

Our rental has this old swing set in the yard. I hate that thing but my kids love it.  photo 281eresized_zps9a70f33e.jpg

Brooklyn was pushing the other kids and I just happened to take a picture right as she accidentally pushed Payson right off the swing.  photo 282eresized_zpsbf61e578.jpg

Allan wanted me outside with him while he worked on his boat. I put Everett in the ergo for that. As long as I’m walking around Everett’s okay in a carrier. The second I stop he’s squirming and crying.  photo 301eresized_zps968d8659.jpg

He loves sucking the straps.  photo 320eresized_zps504b0ba2.jpg photo 322eresized_zps62fdaf2f.jpg photo 325eresized_zpsbba33a7a.jpg

Allan fixed one of the lights on his trailer.  photo 331eresized_zps0a99863b.jpg photo 339eresized_zps9c6cc758.jpg

Everett liked standing in daddy’s boat!  photo 344eresized_zps6e7722e3.jpg  photo 349eresized_zps2c44072a.jpg photo 351eresized_zpsaea2ce30.jpg

My back was killing me from holding Everett all day. I set him in the front seat of the car while standing there talking with Allan. I buckled him in to be funny. I’m a mom, things like this amuse me greatly, what can I say?  photo 368eresized_zps414fe37f.jpg

I took the kids on a walk around our neighborhood. There’s a big hill a few blocks away. We were going down the hill. Payson was on his scooter. He kept going pretty fast, I told him to go slower. Near the end of the hill he gets on his scooter and starts pushing his foot against the sidewalk super fast. I was like WTH, kid?! So I told him to STOP and go slower, better yet don’t ride your scooter down the rest of…

And that’s when he went flying.

I pushed the double stroller home (including having to go back up that hill) while carrying his scooter in one hand, with him walking scream-crying at my side and Brooke whining from behind me on her bike, “I don’t want to go home and wait for you to give him a bandaid. I’m going to just go. I’ll keep going and you can catch up to me…” etc.  photo 386eresized_zpsd1cb2cd6.jpg photo 388eresized_zps914dae71.jpg

I cleaned him and bandaged him up. It’s funny how once my kids get bandaids on they feel totally healed. They can be screaming their hearts out beforehand but a bandaid goes on and BOOM, healed.  photo 393eresized_zps39060a7a.jpg

And that night was just another usual, cook-with-the-baby night 😛  photo 410eresized_zps831c4d07.jpg

Can you believe I have like a hundred more pictures? I should blog more regularly!

7 thoughts on “Simple But Fun Times with My Kids

  • My kids are the same with the bandaids!!! I swear they fall and don't even have a scrape but they insist on a bandaid. If Charlie gets a bruise, he needs a bandaid. Doesn't matter that I tell him a bandaid won't stop a bruise from hurting. I think for him it's a case of if he can't see the bruise/cut, then it doesn't exist so it doesn't bother him as much.

  • There must be something about men and boats…mine is begging for a new boat. I told him he's lucky he even has one:)

  • Sara, that makes me wonder… would a woman buy a boat? Are there women with boats? haha (I've never seen one)

    Marja, my kids too. For holidays I honest to goodness include a box of bandaids as a gift for each of my kids. They love them! I have 8 boxes I got on clearance for 50 cents each waiting to go in their Easter baskets! hee

  • I'm glad you posted this because I was begining to forget that I'm not the only one who has life with a baby right now. I have really been frustrated with myself for not being able to keep up with the dishes, etc! Asher has been teething for like a month and he doesn't like to be worn either. But it will geteasier for both of us. Thanks for puttputting thongs in peperspective for me!

  • Haha that's what I get for using my phone and not being able to see the text I am typing. *things

  • Thongs. lol
    You're right about it will get easier. I've learned to let a lot of things go. I used to feel so guilty if my house wasn't perfect, if I wasn't the perfect mom… now I just don't care. I am a loving mom and my kids are always fed and clean and that's all I shoot for. haha! My house won't be messy forever and if someone wants to judge me for stuff on the floor, they can go ahead and do that because it doesn't affect my life any 🙂

  • When I sent my hubby to the store to do the shopping, I had put down some Easter things to get, and I grouped them together. In that list were bandaids!! Hubby thought I was crazy and insisted on getting the kids stickers instead. Bummer, since we go through bandaids LIKE stickers 🙂 I have the same debate with my kiddos who 'need' bandaids for a bump, or non-bleeding injury. Oy.

    As for babywearing. Ugh! My 3 month old refuses to be in a sling of any kind (I have 3 types). Never had this happen with my other kiddos. Maybe she is sooooo used to being held with human hands that a sling just won't do? (She is number 8, so lots of human contact for her :-P) I just wish my little girl had decent head control. All my babies are on the floppy side. None of my babies have head control until about 5 months old! That makes things harder this time around. But, like you said, the house will one day be clean, for now I do what I can with the time I have!


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