Fun Times.

Everett hangs out in his bouncy chair while I cook dinner or while I do the dinner dishes.
He typically only lasts 10 minutes before he’s screaming and won’t be calmed down until I pick him up and hold him.
This day he stayed quiet more than usual because the little kids were entertaining him. My kids are very willing to entertain him, problem is Everett only sometimes appreciates it. Sometimes it makes him cry more because he just wants mom to pick him up already and not send distractions! 😉
 photo 123eresized_zpse0b91810.jpg photo 131eresized_zpsd9db5c25.jpg

I didn’t ask the kids to come in and do this. I was cooking and noticed them bringing in chairs and blankets to set up camp by their brother. And then they just sat there watching him and talking to him the entire time I cooked! They’re so freaking cute!  photo 137eresized_zps8db2940f.jpg photo 144eresized_zps8a473b43.jpg

Ember got a new dress from Costco with a horse on it. Sierra’s favorite animal has been a horse since she was really little. So because the three girls have horse outfits they had a horse club. Payson was feeling super left out and crying about not having a horse shirt so I drew a horse on his arm. lol  photo 154ceresized_zpse7181590.jpg

Not this last weekend but the one before, we drove into the mountains to have a little fun.  photo 174eresized_zps8f878446.jpg photo 178eresized_zps7fd72e04.jpg photo 196eresized_zpsd5e351fa.jpg photo 207eresized_zps4919dd5f.jpg photo 213eresized_zps6c9b8ffa.jpg

I decided a couple weeks ago to try to take pictures of me and my kids really often. I am having major self esteem issues lately and am tempted to just not be in pictures but I know I’ll regret it. As much as I hate myself now I’m sure I won’t hate my current self when I’m ten years older. So for the sake of future me and my kids when they’re older I’ll be in pictures.  photo 221eresized_zps0ce61426.jpg

I would just die of happiness to see pictures of me and my mom. I have a small handful (probably literally 4 pictures total) of me with her as a child but that’s it.  photo 243eresized_zps6eba818d.jpg photo 245eresized_zps342965e2.jpg photo 254sbbw2resized_zps582a08db.jpg

Payson loves holding Everett. Payson’s the least gentle, though, so I have to be near watching the whole time. They’re cute together, though. Everett truly adores Payson. Payson does this one sound/saying that gets Everett to break into a huge grin every time. I should get it on video sometime!  photo 278eresized_zpsc5cd99d2.jpg photo 312eresized_zpsedc9c491.jpg photo 321eresized_zps35d2cef9.jpg

Everett likes to hold this elephant toy and suck its trunk. haha  photo 340eresized_zps60706a5a.jpg photo 345eresized_zpsd6e4c150.jpg

I try to do crafts and story time and fun things with Payson and Ember when Payson is out of school. They were coloring and cutting and gluing and also using hole punches and paper punches with colored paper. Hours of fun.  photo 360eresized_zps05787bbc.jpg

Naptime for baby!  photo 369eresized_zpsc26524eb.jpg

His little sleeper bed has a vibrating machine that he holds while he falls asleep. Sometimes he turns it off by accident. But sometimes he turns it on when he wakes up crying in the middle of the night and goes back to sleep!  photo 377eresized_zps3f8936ac.jpg

3 thoughts on “Fun Times.

  • Ariana,
    Although a complete stranger, it seems like I've been reading your blog FOR-evah:) You are one of the most beautiful women I've ever seen. I constantly read your blog for inspiration on how to mother. You seem to do it so well. I feel such judgmental eyes from others about my husband and I having four children in today's world. I love seeing you raise such amazing human beings without apologizing to anyone about how many you have. I wish I could get to that place. You are amazing. Know there are people in far away places over the Internet that look up to you. Keep taking pictures of you. You're amazing!

  • Would love to connect on facebook. Look me up under Amber Britt. I can then message you the whole story as to why we are having my sons syndactyly surgery at a young age. Love your blog! It's wonderful to find another LDS family who is going through the same surgery!!

  • How adorable that Everett holds the little vibrator to go to sleep! That's a cool little bed. 🙂 I can't believe how big he is getting! He is really starting to look like a little boy. It's so fun to see what they end up looking like. 🙂

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