Baby with Syndactyly Pictures

Another post about 5 month old (this week!) Everett’s complete, complex syndactyly type 3. His syndactyly surgery will be scheduled this week! It’s a weird thing to hope for the surgery to happen in the next month or two when I don’t want it to ever happen. But since it has to happen I’d like it to be when the kids are in school. They get out for summer break the first week of June and to deal with surgery with all four others home all day every day would be rough.
I’m also starting to get nervous about the bones in his ring fingers curving if we don’t get it done soon.

I’m excited and anxious to meet his doctor. I have a million questions and mostly I just want to talk to the her and get to know her and feel out how much I trust her to cut my baby! I want his fingers to be taken care of by the best possible. Hopefully this doctor is that for us.

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