I’ve Been a Good Mom Lately

I felt inspired after being so sick for so long to up my game as a mom. To really try hard to add in all the fun/bonding things to the must-get-done things.

Keeping up with a house in which five children reside and running errands is a full time job by itself. Cleaning and cooking and laundry and grocery shopping for five kids takes hours and hours of my every day. It’s total insanity if I’m honest. Some mornings I wake up and can’t believe how busy my life is. I can’t believe all those years of being a child myself and then a teenager, how much I wanted to be a mom and how little I knew about motherhood.

And no one can tell you about it. They really can’t. It’s like with most things, someone can explain something to you and you use your own life experiences, though different, to try to relate and understand. And you might come part of the way to understanding but you can’t actually get to that true understanding unless you live it.

Since I think 99% of you reading are moms, I know you all relate.

A couple days ago I was busy the entire time I was awake. Like, every second of 16 hours. I was talking to Allan about how busy that day was. He’s like, “Oh, what did you do today?”

It’s in those moments where explaining how hard you worked would require you listing off about 200 different things you did. You can’t sum up your day easily. Because it would sound like, “I cleaned a lot and took care of the kids.”

And other moms know what that means, but other not-moms don’t really.

A day goes like:
wake up earlier than my alarm by Everett. He’s up for the day.
Make breakfast for the kids. Wake up the kids.
Everett is now crying, try to wear him while packing the kids’ lunches.
Everett is crying in the carrier, tell the kids to get dressed.
Take Everett out of the carrier and nurse him for a few minutes to see if that helps.
Bring Everett into the bathroom and put him in the bouncy chair, call kids into bathroom.
Do three kids’ hair (save Ember’s for later)
Send them off to get their shoes on and grab their backpacks and get in the car.
Take them to school, do the crazy school drop off thing.
Drive home, get the little kids out of the car. Carry them inside (two trips to the car) because Ember refuses to walk.
Turn on Bubble Guppies for Ember or pull out some crayons and paper for Ember.
Make myself breakfast. Make Ember a second breakfast. (which she begs and begs for but doesn’t finish)
Everett is screaming by now, get him out of the carseat, sit down to eat breakfast while breastfeeding him.
Try to put him to bed for a nap.
Tidy the kitchen a bit.
Spend time with Ember- coloring or painting or puzzles or whatever.
Check email, schedule appointment for Payson’s parent-teacher conference
Everett is up. Nurse him.
Get Ember dressed and do her hair.
Do a load of laundry.

By this time of day it’s maybe 10:30am. haha.

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