Raising Children

I was at one point caught up on blogging but now I’m over a week behind again. Everett is now 20 1/2 weeks old. (Though I usually call him 4 months old and only use weeks for his scrapbook)  photo 141e2resized_zps47ed7cc5.jpg photo 145eresized_zps40eb75b1.jpg

Everett was telling me a very loud story. The kids (especially Brooke) kept asking me, “What is he doing?! Why is he so loud? Is he happy?” Because up until a week ago he would coo a lot but it was super quiet. Or he’d be biting his lower lip while making humming noises (kinda humming noises, can’t describe it well). But now… he’s found his voice and he uses it all day long. And we all love it!  photo 147e2resized_zps825208d1.jpg photo 217eresized_zpsa4c63b3a.jpg

This is the face she does when she’s thinking:  photo 262e2resized_zpscccc59a1.jpg photo 273bwresized_zps012e7748.jpg

Sweet Sierra. Gosh I love her!  photo 295eresized_zps93a0faf0.jpg

Ember and Everett. They’re as cute of a pair as Payson and Ember are. I love my babies and how they love each other ā™„  photo 328eresized_zpsa6882e67.jpg

Obviously I had my camera out around the house that day and just snapped totally random photos. haha  photo 028eresized_zpsaf05327d.jpg photo 032eresized_zpseb11f2ad.jpg

My biggest baby girl. She’s getting so old!  photo 044eresized_zpsf63a6eef.jpg

One thought on “Raising Children

  • Aww! Love that Everett has found his voice and is ready to be HEARD! šŸ™‚ Love those side shots where you can really tell how much hair he's getting. It's sweet to see the relationships between the kids.

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