Internet Working Again

My internet didn’t work yesterday. Today a technician came to my house and I guess something outside was disconnected but now it’s connected so the internet works again!

There was a big snowstorm in Colorado last night. The internet guy showed up with big ol’ boots on. He didn’t take his boots off when he came inside my house. I didn’t care about the snow and mud because we have hardwood floors. He proceeded to walk through my house into my family room and then he walked into the middle of my family room and wiped his boots off on my area rug!!

Guys, did you read that? He wiped his feet off THREE times (he was in and out of my house) on my AREA RUG!!!! The ONE carpet I have in my home. He stood next to Everett’s playmat and just wiped and wiped.

It’s not like I don’t have a HUGE mat by my front door. I do. We have two big mats by the front door for shoes. lol

I was shocked. haha! I’ve never seen anything like that. The rug is obviously decorative. Why on earth would someone do that?! Trying to avoid getting my easily-mopped hardwood floors wet?! So let’s just wipe all this off onto a RUG?! haha. It was just weird.

Here, let me go take a quick picture to show you that this rug is obviously for decor only.  photo 003eresized_zps0610a721.jpg

That’s what’s going on behind me as I blog. And here is a snap of what my backyard currently looks like:  photo 006eresized_zps56bddb01.jpg photo 009eresized_zps7ad5dd71.jpg

Allan and Everett.  photo 012eresized_zpsb6f1be19.jpg photo 013eresized_zpsa3c54f9f.jpg photo 022eresized_zpsd15410d1.jpg

The little kids had a dental checkup. Payson had been looking forward to this since the older girls had their checkup. He is my most social child by far. He loves talking to people and mostly asking them hundreds of questions about everything going on. He’s not loud or silly, for the most part he just wants to have a conversation. I love watching him with other people. As long as I’m sticking around he’s happy and confident and does well in relationships 🙂
(If he knows I’m leaving he gets social anxiety and cries a lot, which isn’t horrible to be wanted/loved like that. lol)  photo 014eresized_zps39c057ff.jpg photo 015eresized_zpse0263fd9.jpg photo 019eresized_zps2deaa318.jpg

Ember was so darn adorable I couldn’t stand it! Everywhere we go people gravitate toward her. They love talking to her and listening to her and watching her. She’s really cute (haha) but she’s also SO funny and sweet and social! She has really good manners and a sweet personality. She’s spunky and basically just rules at life. haha  photo 022eresized_zps6dfacbe3.jpg

They got to pick out a little prize at the end. Ember chose an ink stamp and Payson chose an awesome little parachute guy! We sent the guy over the edge of the stairs a few times before we left the building. After Payson dropped the guy a couple times (and Sierra retrieved him) he went downstairs and I dropped the guy to him. Fun times. haha  photo 033eresized_zps7da30437.jpg

For some reason Everett slept soundly through the whole appointment!! It was a huge blessing because SO much happened at that dentist visit!
 photo 041eresized_zps161f76e6.jpg

In this next picture you’ll see Ember is now in pajamas.
What happened was… during x-rays she was just fine. During the teeth cleaning part she wasn’t. She kept gagging. I think it was the taste of the stuff they use because she has never gagged on brushing or anything at all.
The girl cleaning her teeth didn’t notice Ember gagging or didn’t think much of it because she didn’t stop and barely a minute into the cleaning Ember gagged really hard and threw up!! This wasn’t when she had her stomach virus, or even close to it, so it really was just gagging on the cleaning brush. I felt bad for Ember and bad for the girl who was cleaning it up!! Luckily Ember had only eaten cereal and not much of it so it wasn’t too bad as far as barf goes but… that’s hardly a consolation for someone having to clean up a kid’s vomit! Yuck.
 photo 048eresized_zps82fa55c5.jpg

I took Ember into the bathroom and washed her hair, face, and back with the handsoap in there. She smelled pretty good after that! ha
I luckily keep a change of clothes in my glove compartment. I took Ember (and Payson and Everett) down to the car to change her.
It was HORRIBLE timing because Sierra was in the middle of getting work done and was crying! I stayed for a couple minutes to hold Sierra’s hand and comfort her while she got shots in her mouth. When she seemed okay I left Brooke with her and did the car/change outfit thing as fast as I could.

We got back to the office and they wanted to finish up with Payson and Ember’s exams. Ember wouldn’t even go into the room she’d been in when she threw up. She was now scared of the teeth cleaning instruments! Darn.
We went into a different room and the dentist came out and was nice to her and told her he was just going to count her teeth and from then on she was fine.

So back to Sierra… if you’ve been reading my blog for a long time you know Sierra has had “bad” teeth since she was little. The dentists (all three of the ones she’s had) guess that because she had a really severe illness and high fever when she was two that it affected her developing teeth. But we don’t know for sure why she has bad enamel but she does, her enamel is really poor, her teeth just chip and crack off no matter how well she brushes and flosses. Actually, her teeth look great besides her enamel and the chunks that fall off of two back molars! lol
She got sealants put on when she was 5 but two of her teeth (the ones that have always looked the weakest) had huge chunks of them missing so we went ahead and had metal caps put on her teeth. Since she was tiny that’s been talked about and we’ve been putting it off but me and her dentists knew it’d be inevitable.
Poor Seece, she’s actually the one of my kids with the BEST dental hygiene. Which I guess is good that she’s the one with the weak teeth because they’re not as bad off as they’d be if she didn’t brush so well!  photo 066eresized_zps99560a26.jpg

I have a million more things to share but I’ve been long winded in this post so I’ll stop! haha

Have a good April 3rd!

5 thoughts on “Internet Working Again

  • There are dietary things that can be done to build up the enamel of teeth. I think if you google natural ways to heal cavities you will find them. The main way to ward of cavities is to build up the enamel,so it should relate to your situation. Poor girl! My first two had cavities after cavities, and my nephew had soft brown teeth! But with a change of diet neither of our children have had any issues since! So, so worth it! Good luck!

    And boo to the guy with the boots. That is just crazy.


  • Sierra's my healthiest eater and always has been. Besides those two molars of hers the rest of her teeth look really great, no cavities, no decay, no enamel problems. I really can't think of anything to add to her diet that she's not already getting.

    I remember googling natural teeth healing when she was 5 but all the foods and drinks recommended are already things she eats on a daily basis! She doesn't eat tons of sweets either. And my kids don't drink soda at all.
    I really can't think of one single dietary change that would help more than her current diet should.

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