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I didn’t try very hard to take good pictures of my scrapbook pages. I guess because I’m just a regular Joe when it comes to scrapbook (no talent) I don’t know that anyone really cares to see my layouts up close and personal. But you did ask to see some of them so, I snapped a couple pages from each of my kids’ scrapbooks to show you what I do with Project Life. I really can’t recommend Project Life enough if you want to scrapbook but are really short on time! Or if you have time but just aren’t creative (like me!) and want something easily put together.

If you really want I can photograph layouts better, with larger images to post… just let me know!

This first layout is one from the family album. It was obviously when I was pregnant with Everett. Sadly I had to give up my family album… keeping up with five albums, one for each kid, every year is enough right now. Allan did ask me to start up on the family one again since it’s usually mostly about me and him and he loves looking back through our lives but… I don’t know. I guess I will eventually.
 photo 265resized_zps90a08709.jpg

This next layout is from Payson’s 2014 album. It’s a layout from that day of errands we had a couple weeks ago.  photo 269resized_zps605b6418.jpg

Another layout from Payson’s 2014 album. This was back when we were still living in the hotel and we went to a store and the fire alarm went off and the firetruck came and one of the firemen let my kids go up in the truck! Such a fun time. I don’t have any red Project Life cards (they seriously need to make more cards with RED, Payson’s album needs red since it’s his favorite color! lol) but I had Payson draw some pictures of the day to go along with the photos instead of using just Project Life cards!  photo 272resized_zps58b84b35.jpg

One more from Payson’s album. This showed some little moments from hotel life. I have yet to add journaling to these cards.  photo 276resized_zps95f1fb3f.jpg

Geez, did I only photograph Payson’s album?! Another from his, this one the first time he got to play in snow!  photo 277resized_zps46d5567d.jpg

Okay, this is from Ember’s 2013 album. Her Halloween layout.  photo 280resized_zps5251a7f5.jpg

Another from Ember’s 2013 album. This was the first week of school in Arizona.  photo 283resized_zpsf22b9f6a.jpg

The next two layouts are from Brooklyn’s 2012 scrapbook! The arboretum:  photo 287resized_zpsc977062a.jpg

And then some fun things we did during the summer:  photo 290resized_zps3cef3311.jpg

And then I decided for Sierra’s to show her 2007 album! My little baby girls!!  photo 293resized_zps98c625ff.jpg

And then this is from Sierra’s 2013 album, her first day of school!  photo 294resized_zps336a5211.jpg

And just one from Everett’s 2013 album. I was going to take photos of his current album but he woke up and my scrapbooking photoshoot was over šŸ˜› haha  photo 298resized_zpsdd52175b.jpg

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