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Morning time in the kitchen.  photo 099e2resized_zps8ffe049d.jpg photo 100eresized_zpse8f63275.jpg photo 110eresized_zpseecff82c.jpg photo 125eresized_zps74e95026.jpg

I scheduled Sierra’s 8 year well child checkup, Ember’s 3 year well child checkup, Everett’s 4 month baby checkup, and Payson’s vaccination catchup appointment on the same day. Brooke was in school since she doesn’t need another checkup until August.  photo 132eresized_zpsbd4c784c.jpg photo 133eresized_zpsfad0339b.jpg photo 145eresized_zps815d74e4.jpg photo 146ceresized_zpse8fa1a79.jpg

As a treat for lunch after them all getting shots we went to McDonald’s for lunch.  photo 165eresized_zps76f326dd.jpg

Sierra and Ember made snowmen out of their chicken nuggets.  photo 198eresized_zps28fc5608.jpg

Then we went to Target for some children’s Tylenol and I let them each pick something from the dollar spot.  photo 206eresized_zps10956eb4.jpg photo 212eresized_zpsf69d2db7.jpg

I got Ember this outfit on clearance at Babies R Us and she asked if she could wear it (she loves dressing up) and she twirled around a lot.
 photo 223eresized_zpse0900b00.jpg photo 236eresized_zps04af8814.jpg

I remembered to take some 4 month pictures of Everett!  photo 262esb2resized_zps206bfc47.jpg photo 267eresized_zps3c8533a8.jpg

He reaches for everything nowadays. He loves to grab my camera or my face or pretty much anything that comes near him 🙂  photo 269eresized_zps46ec56c0.jpg

I try to edit my vertical images into horizontal oriented ones for printing. That’s why this has text added to it. I only scrapbook with horizontal images when using project life 🙂  photo 277bwresized_zps2aeb06e1.jpg

He doesn’t love tummy time but he doesn’t hate it anymore!  photo 287eresized_zps882450c6.jpg

It’d been a couple hours since the kids got shots and they were all complaining (especially Ember) about the pain so I dosed out Tylenol to all of them. Chewable children’s Tylenol is the best thing ever!!  photo 323eresized_zps7d3eedd2.jpg photo 327ecropresized_zpsf2d24d60.jpg

I bought Frozen that day, it was the day it came out! We watched it after we picked Brooke up from school.  photo 336eresized_zpsa6251e7b.jpg

One thought on “More Catch Up

  • Everett seems to filling out more and more by the day! And, Ember suddenly looks bigger and more grown up, too. It's bittersweet, isn't it…how quickly time seems to pass when you have little ones. It still amazes me that my oldest is looking more like a man than a boy these days. *sigh*

    I bet the kids enjoyed their movie treat after a day spent at the doctor's!


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