Another Day in the Past

I don’t even know when these pictures were taken. Though I did scrapbook them back when they were new! Yay me for that, I guess.

Another stack of library books.  photo 341eresized_zps4cb0005b.jpg

One night Allan and I smelled gas. We wondered what it was and searched our house trying to sniff it out. Allan turned on the gas fireplace to test it out (unbeknownst to me) and then went to put the older kids to bed. Ember and I were in the living room. I was working on something at our big counter and Ember was coloring at her kids’ table. Then she started screaming. I turned around to pick her up and ask what was wrong and she was holding her hand up. She’d touched the fireplace glass and her fingertips were all burned.

We were up very late that night with Ember taking care of her burned hand. I felt so bad for her. Luckily we have this one ice pack that doesn’t get freezing cold when it’s frozen, just chilled… it’s perfect for burns because you can hold it to your burn and not get icy cold and uncomfortable, just chill relief. I sat with Ember, holding her hand with the ice pack and watching Face Off. She loves Face Off. It was really late by this time and she wasn’t showing any signs of being okay. Every time I’d take the ice pack off she’d scream! Finally she was crying for bandaids so I put a bandaid on each finger and breastfed her to sleep. I could tell even as she slept in my lap that she was in pain. She kept grimacing and her fingers would twitch. It was so so sad.  photo 010eresized_zps1824de94.jpg

Ember woke up in the night a few times and eventually I brought her to bed with us.  photo 002eresized_zps959ad16d.jpg

The next day she was feeling better. Her hands looked so much better! You could barely see the blisters, they weren’t raised or red or bad looking. Yay!  photo 026eresized_zps9e0a1d27.jpg

For a special outing we went to a local pizza place for their lunch special. Ember was in a good mood 🙂  photo 040eresized_zpse126dab6.jpg photo 044e2resized_zps1b5f6f12.jpg photo 053eresized_zps0f5f5e60.jpg photo 067eresized_zps9000329c.jpg photo 069eresized_zps34dcf927.jpg

When I opened the back of my car to put Everett’s stroller in Ember asked if she could climb up there. I said, sure.  photo 086eresized_zpsd36f05a3.jpg photo 090eresized_zpsc93d976e.jpg photo 105eresized_zps116d8d69.jpg

By this time Everett was ready for his lunch so I breastfed him before driving home.  photo 116eresized_zpsc8316cfe.jpg photo 142beresized_zps8bbe0d33.jpg photo 179eresized_zps72bab0e8.jpg photo 200eresized_zps64220fc5.jpg photo 225eresized_zpsdf7f4d33.jpg photo 239eresized_zps88207f1d.jpg photo 249eresized_zpsccba9859.jpg

Ember had been putting the keys into the ignition and she got one stuck because it was the wrong key. She pulled the keychain hard to get it free and it broke one of the chains and some of my keys went flying all over the car. She felt bad over that. Poor girl.  photo 259eresized_zpsf8cbea35.jpg photo 263eresized_zps37944319.jpg

One thought on “Another Day in the Past

  • Ouch! Poor little one…burns are the absolute worst! It's incredible how even a small burn can produce so much pain. It sounds like the ice pack did the trick. So glad she was feeling better by the next day!

    Love Ember's headband…and the first photo of you and Everett sitting in the driver's seat, looking off in the distance…too cute!


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