I hardly know where to start blogging after not blogging the last 11 days of my life. Should I just not try to catch up?

Friday I got sick. Sierra had been sick so it didn’t surprise me. It did hit me extra hard, though. It was the worst stomach virus I’ve ever had in my entire life. By a lot. I got myself a stay in the ER at the worst of it, Monday. Luckily Everett took a bottle during that time. My milk had dried up but it came back after 3 liters of fluid in my IV.

I got a couple doses of potassium in the ER. Did you know that when your saline solution runs out and doesn’t mix with the potassium anymore your veins feel like they’re being burned by acid? Pure potassium into the veins is a horrible thing. I was almost crying as I weakly searched for the nurse call button. “Um, (tring to hold back tears) I think my IV liquid ran out because my arm is burning from the potassium.”

My awesome nurse was in my room in seconds and changed out my IV bag of fluid so fast. As the pain washed away with the new fluid I felt like crying again, but from relief. Whew, I don’t like vein pain.

I got a prescription for more potassium and a strict order to drink gallons of gatorade and rest. I did drink myself silly on gatorade but I didn’t get any rest at all because the day after I got home from the ER Ember was puking and Allan was at work. And Everett seemed cranky.. perhaps from the formula messing with his belly? He’d only had about 5 ounces of formula but he didn’t seem to love the change in his bowel habits from it.

So anyway, I don’t even know what to blog about! My birthday was during all this illness stuff and Allan was out of state during part of it. It was a mess. One of the worst weeks ever but, it’s almost over. I hope. Two of my kids are recovering from being up most of the night last night barfing. Everett is the only one out of the family who hasn’t thrown up and I’m hoping that all that breastmilk he got while I was fighting off the virus gave him the antibodies he needed to protect his body from getting it. I hope.

I had a lot of pictures I took before we all got sick. I’d been meaning to blog but was really busy. A lot’s going on. Not anything exciting… doctor and dentist appointments, school field trips, stuff like that. Busy. We missed out on a friend’s birthday party while we were sick and that was a major bummer. Wow, look at me just talking and talking.

So, I dunno. Should I catch up blog? Or should I just wait until the next time I take pictures this week?

Here are pictures I took of me and all my kids on my birthday. I’m 31. Allan and I will celebrate it some other time since he wasn’t even in the same state as me that day. haha  photo 220eresized_zpse75eb311.jpg photo 223eresized_zps0ec4c109.jpg photo 225eresized_zps84b847b3.jpg photo 226eresized_zpsf770b81d.jpg photo 214eresized_zps3afa1140.jpg

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  • First, happy belated birthday! I was wondering where you had been and figured your busy life had probably gotten even busier. You look so pretty in the photos with the kiddos, but I'm sorry to read there were so many other not-so-fun things going on.

    Oh my gosh…the pain from the IV sounds terrible! I'm glad the nurse was quick to respond to your call. I've had “the bug” since yesterday but nowhere near as bad as what you described. I've been making my boys keep their distance. It's bad enough when sickness travels through our family of 4…I can't imagine how it is for you with your family of 7! I hope Everett keeps fighting off those yucky germs!

    Please don't stress about catch-up blogging (unless it's something you feel you need to do for your own sake). You have had an overflowing plate to say the least, so just focus on getting your sweet family feeling better. Hope everyone is feeling back to normal soon!


  • I think that update was more than enough. I don't feel you need to catch up on anything. I am so sorry to hear about your week. Bless your heart, you seriously have had way more than your share of tummy bugs in your family. I hope everyone gets back to 100% soon.

  • Take care of getting better, the blog is doing just fine! I've not even been sick and it's been a month I think since I updated, lol. Hope Everett doesn't come down with it. Happy Belated Birthday!

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