Taking Pictures While On The Go!

How do I easily take so many pictures while out and about? The only trick I have is that I carry a huge diaper bag (or a huge purse when my babies get bigger) so that I can grab my camera to snap a picture and then toss it back in the bag when I’m done!

It helps if you have a child who loves having their photo taken 😉  photo 023eresized_zps45b0dbe5.jpg photo 026eresized_zpsb4baf998.jpg

I took a picture of my diaper bag to show how enormous it is. Ember sees me with my camera and comes sprinting over and striking poses.
 photo 046eresized_zps823c5356.jpg

And then Payson is calling from the recliner, “Mom, take a picture of me! Take a picture of me!!”  photo 089eresized_zps1372eb16.jpg

And the only other pictures I took this week are below. I have been on a video recording kick lately so I have probably an hour of home video footage from this week but barely any photos!

Pajama day for Sierra’s class.
 photo 021eresized_zpse0532423.jpg

Allan went to the lake with his brother to go ice fishing again this last Saturday. When he got home and was unloading the SUV the kids climbed in the back for a five foot drive into the garage, from the driveway. haha  photo 008eresized_zps39f838a6.jpg

Payson got to read the scripture in primary Sunday and was scared to death.
We stayed in the primary room with him to give him courage. Allan went up there when it was Payson’s turn and helped him read the scripture!
 photo 020eresized_zps9fd57928.jpg

Sierra was excited that we were in there.  photo 021eresized_zpsb86fc2ce.jpg

You can’t really understand him in this clip (you couldn’t even if you were there) but here it is anyway.

In the afternoon the kids looked at their scrapbooks.  photo 007eresized_zps154bda6d.jpg

All of Sunday afternoon was spent looking at scrapbooks and watching home movies. It takes a good two hours (sometimes more) to keep up with scrapbooking and burning DVDs of our home movies every single week. Sometimes I feel like it’s too much work to spend the very little free time I have on that but when we’re all sitting together in the family room laughing and remembering things together… I realize it’s one of the most important things I do.  photo 007eresized_zps154bda6d.jpg photo 013eresized_zpsfaa01e2b.jpg

That leads us to today! St. Patrick’s Day. I’m the type of mom who forgets the smaller holidays! We don’t own anything green so I put green eye shadow on the girls with green hair ties and drew a (crappy) clover on their cheeks and sent them off to school! Pretty much a fail in my opinion but the girls were happy!  photo 039eresized_zps8cc75fd0.jpg photo 044eresized_zpsa81cf722.jpg photo 033eresized_zps9a3b0745.jpg

Brooke and Sierra wanted to be photographed separately so I took pictures of the littler three once we got home from dropping them off at school. And you’ll see, Everett was really, really happy about it! 🙂  photo 098eresized_zps65fe9d5d.jpg photo 114eresized_zps43bf1604.jpg photo 135eresized_zps3db8d875.jpg

It was really hard for me to narrow down these pictures because Everett was smiling (or laughing) in all of them. Ack, sooo cute!!  photo 146eresized_zps7294c47d.jpg photo 155eresized_zps70e2a652.jpg photo 167eresized_zps9893d7a8.jpg

7 thoughts on “Taking Pictures While On The Go!

  • I want to know how you get your photos so sharp and in focus! Beautiful pictures!


  • I need to start taking more pictures of my kids, and scrapbooking. I lost hundreds of pictures on a computer that crashed. I was so sad to lose all my babies pictures. I need to get a new camera though. What camera would you recommend for someone that is a beginner in photography, but still wants to take really nice pictures?

  • Yes, What are some tips for taking photos? Yours always look great! Would love to get a peek at your scrapbooks, too!

  • Summer, I would recommend whatever entry level dSLR is affordable for you. I've had the very cheapest to a pretty nice one and they really are all fantastic. I'm actually hoping to get a cheaper one to carry around because carrying around my more pricey one is getting annoying… I always worry about dropping it or spilling on it. A cheaper dSLR might be around $700 and is an investment but it can do amazing things. I've never ever regretted saving up and spending money on dSLRs!

    The thing I like about dSLRs is that there is no shutter lag. I could never recommend a point and shoot camera, even if it had AMAZING quality because I've never tried one with ZERO shutter lag. I want to push the button and have the picture taken THAT instant. ALL dSLRs do that 🙂

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