Ice Fishing!!

Last Saturday morning Allan took Brooke ice fishing!  photo 020eresized_zpsa38f687b.jpg

Since I wasn’t there I don’t have too much to say about these pictures. I won’t lie and say one day Allan will tell the story because he won’t. haha
He will when I scrapbook them in a couple weeks and that’s all that matters 🙂  photo 021eresized_zps6e61f844.jpg

He told me these four holes were already there and all he had to do was reopen them.  photo 022eresized_zps7aba386d.jpg photo 023eresized_zps76efbd4a.jpg photo 024eresized_zps4c4b3ebd.jpg

I think this was the second fish she caught but the first one all on her own! As in, she dropped in the fishing line, she set the hook, and she reeled it in!  photo 028eresized_zpsc6b5e025.jpg photo 029eresized_zpsc39c59d0.jpg photo 030eresized_zps05158d9a.jpg photo 032eresized_zps9e076475.jpg photo 033eresized_zps46008955.jpg

3 thoughts on “Ice Fishing!!

  • Now there's a much different pastime than anything you would have been doing in Arizona! Go Brooklyn! She looks completely unfazed about handling the fish. I'm impressed. 🙂

    You mentioned the very dry lips everyone has had since the move. That reminded me to ask – did anyone have trouble with altitude sickness? In case you're looking for another lip remedy to try, we swear by Blistex Lip Medex in the blue pot. The scent might be a bit strong for your little ones, but it works wonders.


  • Lansinoh has basically saved all of our lips, it's like a miracle cream. I've been carrying around a little tub of vaseline therapy cocoa butter lip balm, too! It's awesome but I'll check out the Blistex as well.

    The altitude hasn't bothered us. I feel the same but the most physical exertion I've done is a mile long hike so I haven't really pushed myself enough to know if it does impact me.

    Brooklyn's great with fish. She feels less squeamish about fish than I do!

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