Having Loads of Fun on Errands!

Ember told me it was chilly and she needed mittens. Except she couldn’t find hers so she got a pair of socks out of her drawer instead.
Each kid brought a little errand kit. A couple crayons, some paper, a toy, and a snack.  photo 135eresized_zps4bb79bab.jpg

First stop, UPS store to send our rent money off.  photo 149eresized_zpse109b60e.jpg

Payson is such a ham for the camera!  photo 155eresized_zps210a5231.jpg  photo 167eresized_zps36ac9d7e.jpg

Ember fell asleep on the way to our next stop. I carried her for a while through a little toy store in the next town over.  photo 168eresized_zpseb6ec748.jpg

It was the most overpriced store I’ve ever been to in my life! Toys, similar in quality and availability as Wal-Mart, were almost double the price!! Aaack.
I’d gone there because they carry Wubbanub binkies (which are the best things ever!), the lady (owner?) on the phone said they just got a big shipment in. Guys, there were like six binkies in stock. And they were $20 each. T w e n t y. Um, no thanks.  photo 177eresized_zps4baba39b.jpg

Speaking of Wubbanubs, here’s Everett sucking away happily on his at Cafe Rio.  photo 192eresized_zps2b44959f.jpg

Oh Cafe Rio, if only you were near my house.  photo 200eresized_zpsc863f04e.jpg photo 207eresized_zpsf011c09e.jpg photo 218resized_zpsa493fbc8.jpg

The next stop was Cabela’s to buy a magnesium stick for Allan. Which is where I felt like I was cheating on Bass Pro Shops. I’m sorry Bass Pro Shops, I’m sorry! But you are far away and Cabela’s is really close! (this should totally be my new thing, blog talking to establishments. It’s very cool, I know)  photo 231eresized_zpsca71ab47.jpg photo 236eresized_zps80316b5c.jpg photo 225eresized_zps515f00b1.jpg

Next we picked up Brooklyn and Sierra from school and headed over for a super quick stop at Michael’s to grab a couple of baskets since they were having a 50% off sale!
But first Everett needed milk and I decided to take a couple pictures.  photo 277eresized_zps3813bfb0.jpg photo 297bwresized_zps9793802f.jpg

He peed through, oops, so I changed his diaper and let him go half naked for the next hour.  photo 355bwresized_zps72e4ee14.jpg

Let is probably the wrong word. I didn’t have a choice as I don’t carry an extra outfit with me!  photo 363e2resized_zps8eed1485.jpg photo 371eresized_zps624f8de2.jpg

4 thoughts on “Having Loads of Fun on Errands!

  • I love how you take pictures of y'all out on errands, in stores and restaurants. My big camera just gets so heavy so I don't take it and then when I do I feel weird like people would be wondering why I was taking our picture in a store. But I LOVE the pics you take, so maybe I will give it a try and not care what people think!!!

  • I used to feel really, really awkward taking pictures with my giant camera in stores and restaurants. It's become such a habit that it doesn't feel weird anymore!

  • Ember was very resourceful with her pink, polka dot sock-mits! And Payson was a sharp-dressed man about town. Little Everett is getting so plump! He looks like a Kewpie doll in the black and white diaper photo. How are you not giving that belly raspberries every five minutes? 🙂


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