I never blogged about our first day at our new ward!
It was really great! We LOOOVE our new ward!

All five kids were good in sacrament (the first hour-long meeting which the whole family goes to) and then when it was time for primary (just the kids’ classes), Brooke went off to her 10-11 year old class brave as can be. Sierra, Payson, and Ember had sharing time first. (Sharing time is when all the kids, no matter their ages, meet together)

Ember is now in Sunbeams and she was out of her mind excited to be in primary with Sierra and Payson! (She used to be in nursery, which is for ages 18 months to 3 years)
So we took the middle three kids to primary sharing time (in one big room) and Sierra is just fine and Ember is just fine but Payson is sobbing. Poor guy has been through a lot this year with our move and two school changes and everything! Allan and I decided to stay and sit in the back of the primary room as a comfort for Payson.
Allan ended up moving closer to Payson (into the seat behind Payson) so he could rub his shoulders and pat his back because Payson wouldn’t stop sobbing even with us in the room.
Once Allan was nearer to him and he looked back at me a few times and was sure I wasn’t leaving he perked up.

Meanwhile Ember was at the front of the room with the other three year olds (all girls in her class here) having the! She was bouncing up and down in her chair, pigtails bobbing, in between affectionate glances to her new bffs sitting next to her. She kept putting her hand on the little girl next to her’s shoulder and leaning in for hugs and smiling at everyone and just generally being freaking adorable.

Sierra was seated right in front of me and kept turning around and smiling at me and putting her hand on my arm. Then she whispered, “Mom, can I have gum?” (taking good advantage of mom being in primary, haha)

The three of them got called to the front of the room and the primary kids (and leaders) sang them a welcome song. Sierra smiled shyly. Ember bounced up and down, grinning. Payson looked a little incomfortable- like he wanted to go back and sit in Allan’s lap. Everett breastfed under a nursing cover for the first little bit and then hung out very happily in his carseat the rest of the time.

Allan and I shot each other about a hundred glances. Glances which were very clear in meaning to each other, “We have the cutest kids EVAR!!” haha

After primary we took each kid to their individuals classes (smaller rooms with only kids their same ages and two teachers) and met Brooke in the hall. A quick hug for her and “hi, how are you doing?!” and then Allan and I hovered in the hall. We kept peeking in the through the window in the doors at the kids. We bounced back and forth from Brooke’s class, to Sierra’s, to Payson’s, to Ember’s, and then back again. Seeing each of their happy faces through the windows we finally decided to go to our meetings. But then we changed our minds and decided to sit together on the couches in the foyer and chat a bit. We were a bit worried that Payson would start sobbing and the teacher would come to get us so we waited near his class.

Anyway, this is taking too long and is most likely boring to anyone but me. haha! But there it is. We adore our new church and are so excited to be members there!  photo 006eresized_zps548ec0e4.jpg photo 018eresized_zps3bfac84f.jpg photo 026eresized_zpsdb385735.jpg photo 028eresized_zpsa666e556.jpg

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