We’ve Been Up To…

Visiting the library.  photo 179eresized_zps286bc956.jpg photo 190eresized_zps69ba89c1.jpg photo 241eresized_zps4490c8a3.jpg photo 250eresized_zpsd992b07f.jpg

The kids all pick out their own clothes. This is Brooklyn’s extra special outfit she put together for a fieldtrip her class took.  photo 011eresized_zps87336f0e.jpg

Payson and Ember get lots of playtime together during the three days a week Payson doesn’t have school.  photo 035eresized_zps1eeedfd3.jpg

Through everything, at all times, my children are very, very silly.  photo 050eresized_zps51c695f2.jpg

At three years old Ember is in love with making messes. Most especially messes on herself!  photo 060eresized_zpsbaaecaab.jpg

One day Payson left his backpack at home so I had to bring it to him.  photo 139eresized_zps5b8a16cd.jpg

Everett doesn’t hate his carseat but he does get bored in there once in a while.  photo 147eresized_zps843817c0.jpg

Instead of getting him a toy to hang from the carseat I bought him a taggie blanket with a bold black, white, and red pattern.  photo 158eresized_zps153e7274.jpg

He loves it! I actually bring this taggie everywhere, even in the house. I hang it from his bouncy chair, by his bed, just anywhere he is. He loves looking at it.  photo 151eresized_zps5cbf55bf.jpg

In order to ensure my kids eat their breakfast, rather than just goofing off for half an hour at the table… I separate Brooke and Payson from Sierra and Ember while they eat.  photo 005eresized_zps9ce2f979.jpg

Ember getting dressed for the day. She picks her own clothes 95% of the time.  photo 011eresized_zps596a82d8.jpg

The rest of the pictures from that day I photographed her putting on makeup.  photo 017eresized_zpsc427aee3.jpg photo 029eresized_zpsc12e44c5.jpg  photo 041eresized_zpsc3524158.jpg photo 046eresized_zps9ea46e33.jpg

I wasn’t planning on wearing lipgloss that day but Ember asked me if we could match. She loves to do everything I do and it’s pretty darn sweet 🙂
 photo 048eresized_zps38bf4df1.jpg photo 049eresized_zps6357cf09.jpg photo 009eresized_zpsa60604c2.jpg

Allan figuring out how to fit the boat and trailer in the small garage.  photo 019eresized_zps3a44091b.jpg

Everett spit up all over himself and needed a new outfit.  photo 030eresized_zps8c9540ac.jpg photo 035eresized_zpsa3a51997.jpg

Nightly library book reading on the couch.  photo 133bwresized_zpsb6541cf6.jpg

Everett taking a nap in his sleeper bed.  photo 002eresized_zpsc60c7915.jpg

One of Sierra’s library books was a survival book for kids. Allan reads her a chapter every night and then teachers her the skills in the book. They’ve done lots of rope tying and knot practice. This night he was teaching her how to start a fire.  photo 037eresized_zps8c2ece5f.jpg

Sierra’s teacher had a birthday and they made ice cream at school. Sierra spent a lot of time worrying about her outfit for the special occasion.
 photo 049eresized_zps2e55046b.jpg

Payson’s favorite show is Paw Patrol. Which means now it’s Ember’s favorite because she loves to be like her older siblings. (I took this picture to document her coloring with marker all over her chest.)  photo 064eresized_zpsf5686d71.jpg
I have many more pictures but I think this is pretty dang long so I’m stopping!!

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