Bright Stanley!

I bought this puzzle and book set at Costco. I think it was around 7 or 8 dollars. It’s so awesome! It comes with a book and then you do the puzzle and then on the back of the puzzle is the same image as the front of the puzzle but without color so your child can color it in themselves! It’s super awesome. Ember and I had a blast with this last Tuesday!  photo 020eresized_zps0b3692e4.jpg photo 028eresized_zpsad85fdf9.jpg

Ember isn’t a child who usually colors on furniture or walls or anything but for some reason she did this morning. She colored all over her little table with markers. I really hate that. I’m sure we all hate that, though! I meant to have her clean it up (she did clean it the next day) but never got around to it.  photo 030eresized_zps7b5c332f.jpg photo 031eresized_zps7d06f58c.jpg photo 035eresized_zps077b172a.jpg

Later in the day she did her makeup while I was doing mine, before picking the kids up from school.  photo 078eresized_zpsdf18f18e.jpg photo 127eresized_zps9c8b3ef3.jpg

It’s Midnight? Dang It!

Today was insane. So busy!! I wanted to blog, I want to blog more right now- to get things written down that I really want to remember, but I just don’t have time. It’s already midnight and I’m exhausted anyway. I have to get up early for a few things before taking the kids to school.

Oh well. Tomorrow should be a little bit more mellow and maybe I’ll get a chance to write down (type) all the things that are going on! Nothing super exciting, just daily life stuff but daily life stuff I know I’ll want to remember!

It’s a busy week but a happy week! I have a bazillion pictures but only three I’ve resized to upload.

Everett is loving his play mat.  photo 004eresized_zps7bc1f3f2.jpg photo 007eresized_zpsc282fb9c.jpg photo 013eresized_zpsf6baa02e.jpg

I Was Happy Until I Died, But I’m Happy Again Now

 photo 033eresized_zps212f7557.jpg photo 077e2resized_zpsb6c0acd1.jpg

My mom sent the kids a Valentine’s package. I didn’t take pictures besides this next one because I took video instead. It was a cute package and filled with candy and Valentine’s socks and jewelry.  photo 013ecropresizedblur_zps776c6833.jpg

My mom sent Everett conversation hearts, too, just to not leave him out. I’ll probably take a picture of them for his album. haha (I over-photograph everything, yes)
She also got him some batman shoes that are pretty cute and that Payson is in love with.  photo 046eresized_zps2f1f16e8.jpg

I took four of the kids to Target and WalMart to get Valentine’s for school. Payson went with Allan to Bass Pro Shops!  photo 091eresized_zps88af50b4.jpg

Allan and the kids cleaned out our cars. My car was like a dumpster inside. I wish I cared, and on some level I’m sure I do, but my dirty car is the least of my worries on a daily basis.
However! It has been AMAZING driving around in a spotless car!! We’re trying really hard to keep it clean this time!  photo 093eresized_zpse97b975d.jpg photo 116eresized_zps17de5e3d.jpg photo 127eresized_zpsb0273e5b.jpg

Everett and I were out there for a bit. It was pretty dang cold (well mostly the wind was cold) and Everett was not loving it.  photo 135eresized_zpsd8dc7d53.jpg

I kept going back in the house for bits of time and then I’d come back out again. That’s why Everett’s in two different carriers in this post. haha!
 photo 167e2resized_zps27075a34.jpg

Payson got a much needed haircut. We’re back to his “old” style of haircut and we love it! He loves it, too.  photo 239eresized_zpse84712b9.jpg photo 304bwresized_zps39d4bbc1.jpg photo 310eresized_zps846a50b9.jpg

Everett loves his sleeper bed! He sleeps in this now for half the night by my bed. The other half of the night he’s in bed with me.
I heard him fussing in my room so went to check on him. By the time I got there about thirty seconds after his first fussing I found him like this:
 photo 252eresized_zpsa5675522.jpg photo 250eresized_zps2519950e.jpg

He totally put himself back to sleep sucking his thumb! I wonder if he’ll be a thumbsucker when he gets full hand control!
Speaking of hands. Today I’m calling a hand surgeon here in Colorado to set up an appointment about Everett’s syndactyly. Now that surgery is coming up really soon I’m starting to FREAK out. I do not want my baby son to have surgery. I hate this. I feel so bad for my poor baby and having surgery, being in pain, and then being in casts right during the time he’s learning to use his hands, and then the bandage changes and all that. It freaking sucks. I have, so far, told myself that I’m glad it’s not a life threatening condition he needs surgery for but lately it’s not helping… I’m just plain old sad that my son has to have surgery.  photo 240eresized_zps3120f2fe.jpg photo 242eresized_zps5787d0fd.jpg photo 243eresized_zps635d8e92.jpg

The other day Allan and I were talking about Everett’s upcoming surgery and I think it was Sierra who said, “But I don’t want him to have surgery. I think his fingers are cute the way they are.”
The kids mention his fingers once in a while but mostly we’re so used to them they don’t seem weird or different to us. I’m so used to holding his fingers as he nurses or sleeps on my lap, I can’t imagine holding his hands in a few months and experiencing a different feeling… not rubbing my finger on the space between his two connected fingers. It will be weird and though I know I’ll be thankful for surgery and the function and appearance being “normal” I know I’ll miss his hands the way they have been all along. I bet I’ll feel his scars between his fingers a lot in the future and feel sad for him. But you know, thankful he’ll have five full, separate fingers.  photo 253eresized_zpsc167958f.jpg

Ember was copying a silly face Brooke had done earlier. I video taped her being a weirdo (Brooke) and will share that some other time.  photo 325eresized_zpse4225c56.jpg

I Was Very Happy Until I Died

I’m in that phase in the stomach flu (or food poisoning or some other stomach virus, I don’t know) where I am super weak and my mouth is dry and everything hurts, like super sharp pains all through my body. I’m still in barf central and I’m really not sure how there is anything left in my body left to expel after being ill for 7 freaking hours. I lost 2.5 pounds in 2 hours this morning. Haven’t checked my weight since.
So now I’m not only sick and feeling like I’m dying but I’m thirsty and I think maybe hungry? I don’t know, maybe that particular pain is from needing to throw up again.

Besides dying, everything else is going okay. Our family is just barely starting to feel sane again. We are trying to do whatever we can to feel settled after all we’ve gone through last month.
I think I need to go be sick.

Okay, back. With Everett. Ugh, I feel awful. I want to go to sleep but if I do Payson will wreck my house. He’s already making HUGE messes; as long as there isn’t any actual damage I’m just letting him. I texted Allan and told him that I’m going to bed the second he gets home tonight. Blah.
This is the stupidest blog post ever. Sorry. I maybe shouldn’t have blogged at all today. ha

Happy Little Things

The house is 90% unpacked. The other 10% will probably remained packed the whole time we live here. haha
The house isn’t organized in the slightest. But that will happen soon enough.
For now, I’m really glad to be settling into life!  photo 161e2resized_zps5417f226.jpg

I ordered Everett a knit football set from etsy to do his newborn pictures in. I ordered it a month before he was born and just barely got it in the mail!
 photo 066eresized_zpsfb19cac3.jpg

It’s too small for him but that didn’t stop me from snapping these pictures after a diaper change yesterday, anyway.  photo 077eresized_zpsa7c958f1.jpg photo 100eresized_zpse0fbf9c0.jpg

I try to give Everett tummy time but every single time he rolls over onto his back! Stinker.  photo 106eresized_zpse96cc21e.jpg

And then it was nap time.  photo 129eresized_zps42edfe48.jpg