If It Could Be the Weekend all Week Long, How Happy That’d Be

Saturday morning the kids were all begging to hold Everett. So Everett got passed around from sibling to sibling. Sierra (and Brooke) always ask if they can hold him and walk around the house while he’s in a carrier. The carriers don’t really fit their small frames but I went ahead and let Sierra anyway. She was in heaven.  photo 008eresized_zps03aed4f8.jpg

She kept telling me she felt like a mom and wished she was Everett’s mom and couldn’t wait to be a mom. She’s always talked about having a boatload of kids and having babies and raising children. And she’s my most nurturing child so I have no doubt she’ll have a bunch of kids and be amazing to all of them 🙂  photo 011eresized_zps1809143a.jpg photo 020eresized_zps8b86d3e4.jpg

We’ve started back up with daddy-daughter, daddy-son, mommy-daughter, mommy-son dates!

When I take a kid out the baby is always along. And sometimes even Ember. Sierra and Ember have a really close relationship so Sierra doesn’t mind. I would never bring Ember on a mommy-Brooke date. Brooke would be upset.  photo 022bwresized_zps43aed61e.jpg photo 023eresized_zpsa6837750.jpg

Speaking of Brooke… all Brooke wants in the entire world is to be an adult and make all her own choices and do whatever she wants. She’s wanted that since she was really young. She has a very independent personality and hates being told what to do by anyone. She’s been begging me for a couple of years to be left at home while I go shopping. Partly because she wants to feel grown up and partly because she loathes shopping. So at 10 1/2 years old we figured… ok. We’ll give it a try. She was begging to be left home while Allan, me, and the other kids ran to Wal-Mart so we left her. When we got home Brooke was feeling preeeetty happy about being so grown up!
 photo 030eresized_zps526a885f.jpg

Before leaving for the store Ember asked me if I could get the baby backpack and hold her in it. She had a good idea because she fell asleep in the car on the drive over and I’ve mentioned more than once how cranky Ember is when waking up. Putting her straight into the ergo, she went right back to sleep!  photo 031eresized_zpsab0aaaa5.jpg

Sunday before changing out of our church clothes we took a quick picture in front of our rental. For the sake of our scrapbooks. ha  photo 041eresized_zps560d3cf8.jpg photo 042eresized_zps496b6c7e.jpg

Brooke asked to hold Everett again.  photo 052eresized_zps872abcb4.jpg

Ember asked me to put my camera back on the tripod and take pictures of her. She loves to have her picture taken!  photo 070eresized_zps5175b038.jpg photo 088eresized_zps30d94601.jpg

We went to the park.  photo 107eresized_zps1e32f792.jpg photo 116eresized_zpse2b15061.jpg photo 134eresized_zps5e8faa84.jpg photo 153eresized_zps0f49c903.jpg photo 157eresized_zpsb553748b.jpg photo 189eresized_zps819ea225.jpg photo 190eresized_zps50213eac.jpg photo 218eeresized_zps3faae970.jpg

And then once home we had dinner (burritos) and then after we got the kids to bed Allan and I watched an old episode of Survivorman. Then Allan ironed some clothes while I got to take a shower because…Everett was sound asleep in his sleeper bed! He’s been sleeping at least three hours straight (most of the time 5-8) at night in his bed before waking up and joining me in my bed! I need to do his three month update blog post because he’s changed SO much in the last month and even so much in the last week!

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