Five Fine Sirs

Playing around with an idea for photos for our dining room walls. I will try again with the camera in one specific spot and the kids wearing a suit jacket of Allan’s. Though I don’t think anything can beat that picture of Payson. I might have to print that one for his room!
 photo sbresized_zps3c656b0c.jpg

Everett had just woken up from a nap and was in a really good mood. When I put that mustache on him he started trying to eat it and then spent the next minute smiling from ear to ear!  photo 314e2resized_zpsf4a664f2.jpg

Allan’s been gone on an out of state business trip this week so I like to text him pictures like this one:  photo 275bw2resized_zps67d02227.jpg
And tell him things like, “Your son has grown up so much since you left!”

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