A Hiking We Will Go

We finally got around to going on a little hike this last weekend!! I don’t think we could’ve done anything better to make Colorado feel like our family’s home than to drive to the mountains and go walk up into the pines and to a little lake! It was great. I chose poorly in baby carriers (you sling users, how does your back not break apart using them?!) but besides that it was super fun! It felt so freeing being out in nature. I like it.

Allan was really happy to be hiking, and all the kids, except Everett, were excited. Everett hated the hike! haha. Poor boy was not loving the chilly air (it wasn’t that bad) and was hating the wind! I don’t blame him, who likes wind??  photo 053eresized_zpsd2fb4fa0.jpg photo 059eresized_zpsa0217922.jpg photo 045eresized_zpscd0931c6.jpg

Allan wore Ember in the ergo on the way up.  photo 064eresized_zps1cc016d2.jpg photo 068eresized_zps8b17b463.jpg photo 073eresized_zpsdbb0c075.jpg photo 075eresized_zps929a4819.jpg

I told the girls they should try to climb a bit on this rock face. Allan said they shouldn’t because it was dangerous. Usually I’m the anal one about dangerous stuff but I didn’t think it looked too dangerous.  photo 077eresized_zps432113bd.jpg photo 079eresized_zps717c0bc3.jpg photo 085eresized_zps74c50ef4.jpg photo 088eresized_zpsddc7c562.jpg photo 094e2resized_zps37948f3b.jpg photo 100ERESIZED_zps8074e40c.jpg photo 105eresized_zpscf05c95b.jpg photo 130bwresized_zpsfc529820.jpg

When I was walking Everett was fine. Any time I’d stop for even a few seconds he’d cry.  photo 132e2resized_zpsc2b2551c.jpg photo 144eresized_zpsac987977.jpg photo 149eresized_zps31872318.jpg

This picture is the one now in my header. Allan set the camera up on his backpack on the ground 🙂  photo 134eresized_zps5b818ea5.jpg

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