Valentine’s Celebrations!

My kids’ school had a lunch where parents could come and eat with their kids!
Because each of my three older kids has a different lunchtime it meant that I was at their school for two hours. That wasn’t my favorite (with a baby) but it was worth it because each one of the older kids felt so special! It was awesome sitting with them each separately and talking with them.
I bought them lunchables to make it extra special (we saw a lot of happy meals that day, which I think my kids would’ve preferred) and… that’s about it.  photo 330eeresized_zps6e28d4f2.jpg

Ember was super excited about being at the kids’ school. She always wants to stay at school when we drop the kids off. On the kids’ first day of school she cried when we went home. She said through her tears that day, “I want to see my class and meet my teacher!”  photo 332eresized_zps9e112dbe.jpg photo 337eresized_zpsa42415c5.jpg photo 339eresized_zps66347913.jpg
I didn’t take any pictures with Brooke because she is at that age where she feels embarrassed by photos when her friends are around!

Once home, Ember fell asleep. It’d been a super busy morning!  photo 347eresized_zps9e5d6c63.jpg

And Everett was just waking up from the nap he’d taken during lunchtime!  photo 361eresized_zps2a66fb86.jpg

Valentine’s Day is a good excuse for wearing red with pink.  photo 015eresized_zpsb97a8124.jpg photo 021eresized_zpsa2cc0b8b.jpg

I’ve heard really good things about the movie Frozen from everyone I know with kids so I finally took my kids to see it!  photo 026eresized_zpseeb58885.jpg photo 031eresized_zps4baa2d03.jpg

Lately everywhere I go people see me taking a picture of my kids and ask if I want to get in the picture and they’ll snap it for me. I always say yes and I always appreciate it. You’d think I’d be embarrassed but because I value these pictures so much I’m not at all!  photo 032eresized_zps3a4edf0b.jpg

The guy that took these was a dad and he snapped like 5 photos. Usually people take one and call it good. This guy took a couple, then squatted down, told Ember to smile, and took a few more! I was like, thanks for all the effort! lol  photo 033eresized_zpsd80a8081.jpg

My kids loved Frozen! They’ve been singing the songs ever since we left the theater. Payson cried so many times during the movie. He’s my most sensitive child and anytime something sad happened he’d be in tears and I’d have to comfort him. I told him a lot, “It’s okay honey, she’ll live, she’ll be fine…”  photo 036eresized_zps2fb97655.jpg

I’m going to throw these last two pictures in here… Payson and I made a bunch of gluten-free treats for him for his class party. And then, guys, when I got to the school and handed his teacher the bag of stuff (that’s what I’ve always done, in Arizona they don’t make any special treats for Payson and I had to provide regular treats for the rest of the class once a month! haha) his teacher here in Colorado told me that she’d had the parent volunteers making class treats to make everything gluten free! I stood there speechless. First of all… that’s just amazing. Second of all… I felt sorry for the other parents having to go through the trouble. But Payson, he’s never felt so included before so it was just amazing.  photo 317eresized_zpscc18ea27.jpg

Next class party I’ll just make one batch of treats to send in and that’s going to be awesome!  photo 319eresized_zps4f96e4c8.jpg

3 thoughts on “Valentine’s Celebrations!

  • Frozen is a great movie, glad you got to see it 🙂 Btw Brooklyn and Payson are starting to look identical! Every time I read a post I notice it more.

  • We LOVED Frozen! And awesome on the snacks! It's still a struggle with Macies nut allergy. The teachers are great but most parents don't understand the gravity of the situation. Love all the group pics 🙂

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