I Was Very Happy Until I Died

I’m in that phase in the stomach flu (or food poisoning or some other stomach virus, I don’t know) where I am super weak and my mouth is dry and everything hurts, like super sharp pains all through my body. I’m still in barf central and I’m really not sure how there is anything left in my body left to expel after being ill for 7 freaking hours. I lost 2.5 pounds in 2 hours this morning. Haven’t checked my weight since.
So now I’m not only sick and feeling like I’m dying but I’m thirsty and I think maybe hungry? I don’t know, maybe that particular pain is from needing to throw up again.

Besides dying, everything else is going okay. Our family is just barely starting to feel sane again. We are trying to do whatever we can to feel settled after all we’ve gone through last month.
I think I need to go be sick.

Okay, back. With Everett. Ugh, I feel awful. I want to go to sleep but if I do Payson will wreck my house. He’s already making HUGE messes; as long as there isn’t any actual damage I’m just letting him. I texted Allan and told him that I’m going to bed the second he gets home tonight. Blah.
This is the stupidest blog post ever. Sorry. I maybe shouldn’t have blogged at all today. ha

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