If I Could Raise Ember Forever and Ever

I wish Ember could stay three forever and ever. Or I wish I could just put her entire childhood on repeat. Like, once she hits 18 she’ll be shrunk back to a fetus and reinserted in my uterus and I can do it all over again. Forever. Every day of raising her is such joy.

2 thoughts on “If I Could Raise Ember Forever and Ever

  • I ADORE this video, as you know 😉 I wish I could see her in real life. She's such a precious little girl! Maybe when Calvin and I visit Colorado for our hiking trip this spring we can meet up. I'd loooove that 🙂

  • My youngest has some fine motor delays and difficulties with spatial awareness and proprioception. Sometimes, when he is having trouble mastering a new skill, he lets his frustration get the best of him. And sometimes he needs an extra measure of encouragement and a little pep talk on perseverance. Learning to put on a jacket/coat is one skill that gave him fits. 🙂

    I just called him out to watch Ember's sweet video. I reminded him first about how we often talk about perseverance and not giving up…and how important it is to keep a positive attitude instead of getting upset or discouraged. Then I told him how old Ember is. He watched the video very intently and asked to watch it again. Then he said, “Wow…that was very inspirational…incredible. That was very, very impressive.” I have a feeling Ember's video will come up again in future conversations. 🙂 Thanks for sharing!


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