Being dairy free (I’m dairy free for Everett) wouldn’t be so bad if I didn’t have to prepare regular food for the rest of the family. And gluten-free food for Payson. Making three different types of meals is a huge pain. I try to make dairy free for the whole family sometimes but if you add in gluten free for Payson it’s just not even remotely possible. Not easily anyway. The girls and Allan love their gluten and love their dairy.
Here are some of the things I eat over and over and over again because I don’t have time to figure out what else to eat that’s easy and dairy free.
A smoothie and egg on bagel (with avocado) for breakfast.  photo 283eresized_zpsaa568133.jpg

If I don’t have time to cook an egg and a bagel I’ll make oatmeal. I like to sprinkle in some brown sugar and add some dried or frozen fruit. Raisins or frozen blueberries are what I use the most but I was out of both those so used these goji berries this day instead.  photo 296eresized_zpscaa8f5c0.jpg

Lots of fruit for snacks. Kiwis are my favorite.  photo 281eresized_zps96d0a3d1.jpg

Spinach salad with chicken and cranberries is my favorite lunch or dinner!  photo 240eresized_zps165efd57.jpg

Roasted vegetables are delicious. Summer squash is my favorite.  photo 249eresized_zpsa11b8c5d.jpg

After not having chocolate for two weeks I finally went in search of dairy free. Found these at Sprouts.  photo 289eresized_zpsc1cb6696.jpg

Peanut butter and crackers are my favorite snack on the go.  photo 294eresized_zpse1363a78.jpg

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