Hmmm, No Wonder Our Backs are Hurting!

Allan and I are having a heck of a lot of back pain these days. Moving, children, etc. Our backs are soooo sore every day. We try to give each other back massages but evenings are the worst for stuff like that because the little two kids are super needy at night before bed!
But anyway, who cares, huh? Backs will stop hurting eventually. Like, in three or four years when we’re not carrying kids around everywhere!
 photo 148ebwresized_zps1987b636.jpg

Sierra loves taking pictures so she snapped these as I carried Ember and Everett in his carseat into Sprouts. Ember had just woken up from a car nap which makes her ridiculously cranky. She kept trying to put her hand down my shirt to grab my boob, too! She still asks to breastfeed every single day.  photo 149bwresized_zpsc890fddb.jpg

Allan was holding Everett while I was either making dinner. Ember ran up and asked to be held, and he picked her up too. I was super busy but ran for my camera to snap a few pictures because they looked so darn cute!  photo 231eresized_zps84c8181b.jpg photo 238eresized_zps03c9cd73.jpg

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