Because I’m lazy, we sometimes stop at Chik-fil-A for lunch even though home is only ten minutes away.
And I get the kids ice cream after.
And I tell Payson not to eat his cone because it’s gluten.
But he eats half of it anyway.  photo 065eresized_zpsceb8d48f.jpg photo 075eresized_zpsec7ac1e9.jpg

In the next picture they were laughing because I told them, “I just love our ice cream dates! Ice cream is my favorite.” and then I held up my hand as if I was holding a cone and licked the air (I didn’t have ice cream) and then looked at the space in my hand all puzzled like, like I was surprised I wasn’t holding ice cream after all.  photo 079eresized_zpsa128b9e6.jpg photo 080eresized_zpsa372083f.jpg photo 091eresized_zps23b5d31c.jpg photo 092eresized_zps04ca765f.jpg photo 097eresized_zps1863bca7.jpg

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