Brooke Stays Home Sick :(

I don’t know what illness Brooke had but she woke up with a fever and no other symptoms. She didn’t have a stomach ache, a sore throat, a sniffly nose, or anything else. She did take a two hour nap in the morning and said she was really weak. Besides that, it was just a fever. I googled all kinds of things but that’s a waste of time and I wish I’d learn my lesson! haha. Google will tell you every stinking time to go to the doctor because your kid is probably dying.
In the end besides being extra sleepy and having a fever she was just fine.  photo 006eresized_zpsfcb80b65.jpg

We went to a couple stores to get her some things to do in case she felt sick again the next day. All our fun things (toys, books, art supplies) were packed away in boxes and I didn’t have time to go through each box to find them. (I didn’t label boxes well when we moved since Everett was so needy back when I packed)  photo 008eresized_zpsab343c77.jpg

This will sound mean maybe but I really enjoyed Brooke being sick. haha! She was really calm and mellow and sweet and those are things she is not usually. Well, she can be sweet for sure, but calm and mellow? Like, never. It was seriously nice and I really enjoyed her company!  photo 012eresized_zpsad754c24.jpg photo 013eresized_zps8abc6cf6.jpg

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