Unloading the PODS!

Allan and his brother, Kevin, unloaded the PODS. I maybe unloaded like, ten boxes? I don’t know, maybe more but really the work I did was like non-existent compared to Allan and Kevin unloading everything else!! My contribution (besides holding a baby all day) was to go rent a dolly from Home Depot which we didn’t even really use so that was a waste of time.
Sometimes my workload in life is extreme (running around on a million errands this month with a crying newborn and two little kids at my side was rough) and then sometimes I’m breastfeeding a baby while other people are carrying heavy furniture for a few hours and my load seems pretty darn light. Life is funny that way.  photo 024eresized_zps42f1432b.jpg photo 026eresized_zpsd6c0f948.jpg

We needed something at WalMart that day but I can’t remember what. Oh! Furniture pads for under all our furniture so we don’t scrape up the hardwood floors!  photo 029eresized_zps60730bcc.jpg photo 033eresized_zpsdbd77e32.jpg photo 050eresized_zps0ca71121.jpg

I let the little kids get M&Ms.  photo 055eresized_zps3bce5bc7.jpg

I let Payson push the dolly to the car. He did a really good job! And then a worker offered us popcorn and took a picture of us.  photo 058eresized_zpsab7679ad.jpg

Everett napped a bit when we got home. (With Ember’s white noise Minnie Mouse)  photo 059eresized_zpsda1a87bf.jpg

I unloaded a few boxes from the PODS and then Everett woke up so I put him in the ergo and went around taking pictures. I really like taking pictures.  photo 063eresized_zpsfc3851ef.jpg photo 072eresized_zps210aa093.jpg photo 074eresized_zpsab9e52ab.jpg

We had someone at our house setting up our cable. My kids were obsessed with his dog.  photo 077eresized_zps5b339ceb.jpg

The guy let his dog run around in our yard a few times. Aren’t there leash laws in Colorado? (to lazy to look it up)
I didn’t like that. The whole, “Oh my dog is super friendly” crap doesn’t go over well with me. Everyone says that! Including people whose dogs end up biting other people! lol  photo 079eresized_zps141734fe.jpg

Before putting my camera away I said, kids! Let me take a picture of you all together on our official moving in day!
Naturally, Brooke stuck out her butt and made farting noises. And the little kids copied her.  photo 106eresized_zps968ea769.jpg

And they all laughed like it was the funniest thing in the world. Because the other ten million times they pretended to fart in their lives wasn’t enough to make the whole fake farting bit less funny.  photo 108eresized_zps2029e1f8.jpg photo 110eresized_zps0707ffe5.jpg

I told Brooke to just do one picture normal with a smile for the sake of her own photo album. So naturally she stuck her butt out again. She just loves to listen to her mother.  photo 119eresized_zpsb62a5ebd.jpg

Okay, like always the “can you smile” request failed so how about a silly face? Silly face requests always work.  photo 127eresized_zps8882a801.jpg photo 129eresized_zps5c605ce6.jpg

If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.  photo 141eresized_zpsa54808d2.jpg

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