Payson’s First Day of School!

Payson was really excited to start his new school! He walked in the class and looked around and I could see the happiness in his eyes! His new class is pretty darn awesome!! His new teacher was super nice, too! I really like her from what I’ve seen so far!
So Payson was happy right up until the minute I told him to give me a hug and kiss. We’d spent a good ten minutes in his class with his teacher (we got to school early) and I thought he was feeling pretty comfortable. But when he realized I was leaving he broke down crying. I wasn’t expecting that reaction since he’d done so well at the other school but he was sobbing pretty hard and nothing would calm him down. I maybe told him a little white lie, more like stretching the truth, about me going to take Sierra to class (true) and him playing games and reading books (true) and me coming back after. Technically that was all true but you know, I kinda implied I would be right back and not back in 7 hours! I know Payson and once he’s into his school day he is just fine. And that’s the truth because after school he said he loved school so much and had the best day ever and he’s never said that about school yet! His new teacher and classroom really are super awesome! I’m glad he’s finally loving school!  photo 178eresized_zps616321a0.jpg photo 186eresized_zps02443b0c.jpg(You know what’s so sweet is his teacher realized she’d spelled his name wrong when she saw his name on his backpack and told him she’d fix it right away for him. She asked his favorite color and when he said red she said, “I’ll make you a new red bear with your name spelled right!” Such a sweet teacher!)

And then it was just me and the youngest two.  photo 196eresized_zps9a9642bc.jpg photo 201eresized_zps051741e0.jpg

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