Navigating the Labyrinth that is Ikea!

When we finally signed the contract for our rental house, a house with hardwood floors in every room, we went to WalMart in search of area rugs. There are some but nothing too exciting so I took the kids to Ikea to look around, too. We bought another one of those children’s play rugs for Sierra and Ember’s room and a gray rug for Brooke’s room but didn’t find anything else we wanted. So we spent two hours walking around that place (admittedly we spent 20 minutes in the food area breastfeeding Everett and a good 40 minutes in the kids’ area playing) just to buy two piddly rugs! haha  photo 022eresized_zps465573c2.jpg

After breastfeeding Everett in the food court.  photo 031eresized_zps079b38b4.jpg photo 034eresized_zpsd1da1677.jpg

It was almost impossible to get the kids away from the kids’ area of Ikea! Despite having spent a long time there they could’ve happily played for the rest of the day!  photo 049eresized_zps541757b2.jpg photo 053eresized_zpsa5ca32ee.jpg photo 060eresized_zps8bda6378.jpg

Payson and Ember tried out a lot of the furniture in the store.  photo 078eresized_zpsa2484a06.jpg photo 081eresized_zps6c27bc0a.jpg photo 088eresized_zps3158c137.jpg photo 100bwresized_zpsba5546ef.jpg

I was super excited when we got to the parking lot and that trip was over! I don’t think I’ll be going back to Ikea any time soon. Whew!  photo 108eresized_zps619dfe87.jpg photo 118eresized_zps7a11b74c.jpg

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