Maybe We Could Stop Eating Out Now?

From blogging and the pictures I’ve taken I’m sure it looks like we ate out every single meal. We didn’t really. Out of the 100 meals we ate while in the hotel/moving process we ate out maybe twenty of them. I just happen to like to take pictures each and every time. At the hotel and at the rental before we got our dishes we still ate a boatload of produce and organic food. I’m not a stickler for organic everything but I do always get organic meats, eggs, and milk. Produce just depends on what’s available and if it’s local or not.
But anyway, we did eat a ton of restaurant food and are really happy to not have to rely on that anymore!
And by we’re happy about not needing restaurants anymore I mean Allan and I are happy. The kids would be thrilled to eat out for every single meal of their lives.  photo 633eresized_zpsfdb7a2c5.jpg photo 629eresized_zps833135da.jpg

The kids spent the whole meal playing with the little girl at the next table. She was a cutie!  photo 638eresized_zps72cca530.jpg photo 645eresized_zps02890f05.jpg photo 649eresized_zps1fd1d683.jpg photo 662eresized_zps820aed13.jpg photo 663eresized_zps11389422.jpg photo 671eresized_zps373bb10c.jpg photo 675eresized_zps2fc6039c.jpg

Puddle messes! I’m the type of mom that lets my kids play in the puddles and snow when we go places. I don’t mind the mess. It’s a mess so worth the fun!  photo 681eresized_zps4c479e10.jpg

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