Going to Chipotle

Without dishes we’re pretty screwed when it comes to food. We’ve eaten at restaurants more than any family ever should this past month!
We went to Chipotle for dinner one night. Brooke hated the food (she’s my pickiest eater still, is pickier than ever actually!) and the rest of the kids loved it. Well, Ember only ate tortilla chips because I forgot to order her a quesadilla (her fave) and the line was way too long to go through again. I gave her peanut butter and crackers when we got home.  photo 508eresized_zps2b60ae5a.jpg photo 510eresized_zps2f85c6b0.jpg

Sierra asked if she could take some pictures and I let her. With the camera strap around her neck, of course! (My camera weighs like five pounds!)
 photo 533eresized_zpsff812019.jpg photo 538eresized_zpsc39181ac.jpg photo 551eresized_zpse5baf25e.jpg photo 552eresized_zpsc8c652bc.jpg photo 553eresized_zps51a628b2.jpg

I took my camera back to snap these of Payson. He was making the funniest face just sitting there looking at the menu.  photo 544eresized_zpscae4466c.jpg photo 548eresized_zpsbbb59da2.jpg

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