Everett’s Two Month Checkup!!

I felt like such a monster of a mom this day. I’d just put all my big kids in school and two of them had cried so much, and then here I was about to get my wittle baby shots! I hate things moms have to do that make kids sad but are good for them!

So Everett got a bath that morning. He’s a funny guy with baths. He started screaming and crying hysterically when he first got in the bath. After five-ten seconds though he stopped and then looked at me and broke into a huge grin. It’s really funny how abruptly he goes from thinking baths are the scariest thing in the world to baths being really fun! I wonder when he’ll outgrow that.
After his bath (which I had to hold him for the whole thing because his baby bath was packed somewhere) I let him lay in the tub as it drained. He liked that.  photo 203emresized_zpsc3475d24.jpg

Holding a freshly bathed baby is pretty much the best.  photo 214eresized_zps41a396c8.jpg photo 218eresized_zps565be742.jpg

I told Ember not to play with the water about a dozen times but since my arms were full with Everett she didn’t even glance in my direction. I knew she was going to soak her shirt and sweater and with a very limited amount of clothes (since we can’t do laundry that often, having to trek to the laundromat) I really didn’t want to have to change her clothes. She did end up getting soaked 😛  photo 224eresized_zps404479a3.jpg

He was sucking on his hand again. I wonder if he’ll be a thumbsucker.  photo 237eresized_zps16dfef8e.jpg photo 241eresized_zps7aa9bcb7.jpg

Changing and dressing my babies.
 photo 254eresized_zpsd7ed6a53.jpg

Ready to head out!  photo 258eresized_zpsc56725dc.jpg

In the waiting room.  photo 272eresized_zps450ef2a0.jpg

Baby boy is 11 pounds and 10 ounces. 23 inches long. Yay baby, growing well!  photo 280eresized_zpsc03196ff.jpg

After the doctor came in we were waiting for the nurse to come in with the vaccinations. Everett was happy as a clam.  photo 287eresized_zps7b93d456.jpg photo 289eresized_zpsd341959d.jpg photo 292eresized_zpsc584bb28.jpg

Everett fell asleep waiting for the nurse. When she came in I took him out of his carseat and laid him on the exam table. He woke up and looked at me and just started grinning from ear to ear at mommy. It was SO sweet and I felt so mean to be about to freaking give him shots!! When the nurse gave him the shot he went from smiling at me to eyes shut tight, crying. It was sad. She gave him the other shot really quickly and I picked him right up and he stopped crying that second. Poor baby.

I stopped by WalMart to get some baby tylenol in case he needed it for a fever or anything. Everett was sleeping soundly so I bought a few random groceries while there.  photo 300eresized_zps0f9ba115.jpg photo 303eresized_zpsf3795718.jpg

I drove through Chik-fil-A drive thru and got Ember chicken strips. (we shared)  photo 305eresized_zpsffb4c1b7.jpg

At home Everett slept another two hours! Ember and I hung out.  photo 311eresized_zps9b1ce252.jpg
Then Everett woke up crying a very sad cry. Poor baby 🙁
He never got a fever so I didn’t give him tylenol. I felt like a mean, mean mommy to not give him the meds just for pain but… with all those vaccinations overwhelming his system I don’t like to give my baby more if they’ll settle down being held or breastfed or worn in a carrier (which he did calm down when I wore him, he just didn’t want to be put down) and especially with his upcoming surgery, I know he’s going to be on a lot of pain meds for a few weeks so I’d like to keep him off them now as much as possible.
Anyway… that was that appointment. I’m glad it’s done. I love seeing how much he’s grown but I do hate my babies getting shots!

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  • Awww…I can practically smell that clean-baby smell right through the computer screen! Makes me miss those days, although my 8-year old still smells pretty good after his bath. Love Ember's pigtails. Her hair is getting so long.


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