Brooke and Sierra’s First Day of School!

They were nervous. Mostly Sierra.
I wisely had them start on a Monday so that Payson would start the next day and I could focus on the older two and not worry about Payson going to kindergarten just yet. Sierra really needs my full attention on her first day. Brooke is awesome and will walk to her class without fear (she does like me to walk her to class!) but Sierra gets fairly traumatized by it all.
It takes her a while to warm up to a new class/teacher. She cries for quite a while and it’s really heartbreakingly sad. I know she will love school once she’s stopped crying but seeing her devastation at my walking away brings me directly back to my childhood and the dozens of times that happened to me. I was as shy as Sierra and I know how she feels. It’s consuming, the fear and anxiety of a brand new school! Even though most teachers probably prefer I scattle out of the class right away I remember being a kid and how having my mom there for just an extra minute or two while I got seated and looked around would’ve given me immense comfort. So I stuck around for about five minutes! After I’d caused enough chaos in the class (sorry teacher!) but Sierra had calmed down and felt a bit more secure in her new surroundings, I left.
I happened to look back down the hall before turning the corner and Sierra had walked into the hall after me! She was crying and waving and blew me a kiss. It was so sweet and sad. Poor girl. I blew her a kiss and said, “I love you Seece, just give it a couple minutes. Remember, a couple minutes and all the scariness will be totally gone!” (we’d talked the day before about how starting a new school is scary but after like two minutes, five minutes tops, everything feels fine! She’d just experienced that two weeks before with the other school they’d gone to, so that really helped)  photo 003eresized_zps2e0d92ee.jpg photo 004eresized_zpsffa1b2be.jpg

Brooke was easy peasy when we went to her class. She was feeling apprehensive mostly because two new schools in two weeks! That was intense! But she went into her class and met all the other kids and didn’t look back. Her teacher was nice enough to say hi in the hall and ask Brooke a few questions with me there before taking her into class. Having that minute to adjust to the new teacher before meeting an entire class helped that little bit of nervousness settle down.  photo 007eresized_zpsfb91693e.jpg

And then there were three left! It’s amusing that I can take two kids to school and leave with three. The number of kids I have is crazy. lol  photo 019eresized_zps02b66326.jpg photo 020eresized_zps110578aa.jpg photo 022eresized_zps963d2c38.jpg photo 025eresized_zps313979ff.jpg

It was cold that day and like every single place we go, Ember cried until I agreed to carry her to the car. She wants to be held almost 100% of the time these days. It’s a relief in stores when she agrees to walk!  photo 041eresized_zpsea672088.jpg photo 045eresized_zpse653d247.jpg

We had a mellow day at home that day. The little kids played together and whenever Everett was happy I’d unpack. The little kids also spent some time admiring our snowy yard.  photo 063eresized_zps6cbc3b7f.jpg photo 067eresized_zpsc4c771ed.jpg photo 068eresized_zps6792e558.jpg

We went and played on the snow-covered deck for a few minutes before going and getting the older girls from school.  photo 079eresized_zps5b821b9c.jpg

How was school?  photo 104eresized_zps61b03cbe.jpg

I didn’t get a picture of Sierra because she was in the furthest back seat but she said it was the best day of her life and she liked her new school even better than the last one! Yay.

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  • so happy everything went well! i didn't realize that when you decided to rent this house instead of buy the other one they would have to change school districts! that school looked so nice and they will love it! good luck on settling in!

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