A Couple of Errands

The day after we moved into the rental me and the youngest three went to a couple stores to buy some 3-6 month sized clothes for Everett since his 0-3 month sized clothes are too short on him. He’s not very chunky but he’s really long! Especially his legs! He outgrows his clothes just in the legs long before he needs a bigger size anywhere else on his body.
We hit up Target and Babies R Us. I bought Payson some super clearanced items while at Target. I got him three shirts for $2-$2.50 each and a couple of winter hats for about that price also! Yay for winter clearance.

Payson got two new hats (because he only has one and it doesn’t fit him well) and since Ember didn’t have her hat with her she stole one of his new ones to wear around. Payson was not happy about it.  photo 379eresized_zps65dda294.jpg photo 381eresized_zps28325a76.jpg photo 382eresized_zps81e6d14a.jpg

With so many kids to clothe I’ve been buying whatever is the cheapest without much thought to what it looks like. Most of my kids’ clothes these days aren’t what I would pick if money wasn’t a consideration. So Payson has a skull on his hat and one on his shirt, (I hate skulls) oh well.  photo 385eresized_zps4e8d60c4.jpg

I got Everett this sleeper bed thing. I don’t remember what it’s called but I love it. He loves it, too!  photo 399eresized_zps23ae36cc.jpg photo 401eresized_zps05eed29e.jpg

He was smiling at his siblings ♥  photo 403eresized_zpsb3e1aa43.jpg

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